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World Walk

World Walk mendesain dan memproduksi berbagai sparepart serta aksesoris motor. Produk World Walk didesain untuk menunjang kenyamanan berkendara rider seperti smartphone holder dan dudukan GPS yang bisa dipasang di stang.

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Produk Baru World Walk

Ulasan Produk World Walk

이 제품을 장착하면 흔들립니다 특히 진동이 있는 모델들은 더더욱 네비게이션이 흔들들들드들들 거릴거에요 진짜에요 흔들흔들흔들흔들..히잉.. 괜히 샀떠 .. 램마운트나 사야겠다 .. This product is shaky when mounted. Especially with models with vibration, the navigation will be shaken even more. It is real. It is wobbling and wobbling .. Hiking .. I bought it. translated by Google Translator

I did purchase the World Walk Z900RS Exhaust Guard. It is simple and hard. Also price is a little bit chip. I satisfied and would like recommend the World Walk Z900RS Exhaust Guard to all of you.

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

Very happy with the delivery, 5 days from Japan to New Zealand. Screen was packed very well and there was no damage. Very easy to fit and looks great. Very happy and will recommend to others. Thank you

I like the cutout shape especially the left/right knee tank grip however it would have been perfect if the central piece is bigger. Overall the feel is good, the grip is great and time will tell if it can last in a tropical hot and humid weather.

I arrived on the night the next day I ordered. What I felt as soon as I installed today, I felt the wind around Helmet, but the chest was a fat wind effect Large. By the way, it was 7 ° C in the morning, so I am contributing to the alleviation of cold. Because the installation is thinner than OEMScreen, I did enforcement of Screw so as not to break, but the time was completed in less than 10 minutes. When I read the previous evaluation "The fastest speed has fallen" Although I was worried that some people were listed, the fastest speed did not fall at all.
I made the quality to star 4, but I did not score because I do not know the thinness and durability of Screen. I think that it is a product that will not be damaged by buying.

The paint is also finished in Beauty. It may seem so because Coating is done from the top (^_^;)
Just Stem Steel Emblem interfere and it does not attach ... ヽ (? д;;) A
I think I'll install it somehow.
Screen is [Color] Smoke and Size is Type R. There is almost no windbreak effect. We do not recommend if we expect windproof effect.
I am satisfied because it is Dress-up purpose.

It's about 8 months since I started using it.

At first it was good, but now I do not know if I touch it but it is peeling off at the joint of the adhesive surface and Cushion.

Design is good but durability is not good.

After that, it is Neck that the price is expensive.

But since the problem is about it, I will use it until peeling off.