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I chose this gloves to coordinate them with my motorcycle clothing.

Same as the general type off-road gloves, this product has no special remarkable things to comment on, but doesn't have bad things either.

Unlike on-road model gloves, it is made of a thin material to focus on operationability, and winter season becomes really tough!

Personally speaking, I don't like coarse feel. And so I'm wearing this one for winter too.

As for the size, I chose size L. Size L of this product is not that big, just like other Japanese size L products.

It was on sale when I bought it and was a good buy!

As I also wrote it down on the review comments for the jersey, I bought the red/black version of the same model after I bought the orange one.

The photo is that of the red/black model, but I will use it since they are the same.

I've been wearing FOX until I got JT, but as I heard that JT was going to be sold again, I bought it I felt nostalgia.

It isn't the high-end model, but it is sufficient enough to use it for enduro course driving.

The waist part shown in the photo is coated with rubber, so it wouldn't be slippery if you match it with the jersey of the same model, and it doesn't get turned upwards. But you might have trouble wearing the pants due to this gripping power (LOL)

Also, though it is not shown in the photo, there are black oval shaped seams on its shin. It seems that you need to cut off the inner side of the shin if you'd like to attach the Asterisk protector.

Now about the size. It is the same as other Japanese model pants. It was OK with me choosing the same size as my regular clothes.

I've been wearing this pants, but I've never seen others wearing the same model up till now. So if you don't want to be like others, it may be a good choice.

I thought of buying another pair after seeing that it was sold in a discounted price. But since I have the orange one, which I haven't worn yet, I gave second thoughts. It is recommended because it has a good price right now!

I bet you won't regret having this pants for this price!

I remembered those days when I used to wear one of those hot JT Racing wear, trying out for trial races 30 years ago. I decided to buy it after hearing that it was going to be on sale once again.

I first bought the orange one for three-piece set, but got the red/black one too as I thought that it would match better to my bike.

I posted the red/black photo. As you can see, the lower part of the back has a rubber coating on the center. It wouldn't be slippery if you match it with the pants of the same model, and it doesn't get turned upwards.

The size is based on US size. So if you order it like other Japanese models, it may turn out to be too big. You better choose one size smaller, perhaps.

It's very light and easy to wear, but there is one thing that bothers me.

It's arm is made slightly thin, so if you have a large arm, you may find it stiff.

It costed me a lot when I bought this, but now it's been discounted, for a new version has been on sale.

I have the orange one which I haven't tried yet, so I will not be buying another, but I think it is good for those who want to wear something different than other people without paying much.

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