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WR menyediakan berbagai jenis knalpot dan bodywork berbahan carbon untuk berbagai jenis motor, mulai dari kelas 125-250cc seperti CBR250RR, Ninja250, YZF-R25, GSX-R250, dan masih banyak lagi.

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Barang bagus sekali,packing rapi dan barang diterima aman kondisi baik ,memuaskan belanja diwebike.Recomanded.

WRs: Wr's Aluminum slip-on mufflers Aluminum slip-on parts number [0-40-SO1201] HONDA HORNET250 [Hornet] It equipped by itself. [ the amount of -99 proximity exhaust sounds / ] [ 89dB ]
It is easy.
Instantly, baffle outside carries out and it makes a test run! It is felt being easy to be splendid... Even if baffle outside carries out, it is not explosive sound roaring ...
Appearance and sound is also the highest.
Quite knockout price.

FORZA was purchased with the new car, as a result of check also finishing for one month, considering muffler exchange instantly and investigating many things in a net, it regarded matching me, such as a form and compass, as it being this product, and they purchased.
Attachment is easy beyond anticipation, and anything does not affect that after attachment maintains an oil change etc., either, and it is very good structure.
After attachment, although the engine was started instantly, unlike an old original manufacturer's product, there is sound with a quite sufficient heavy low.
However, because it was used to pure muffler sound, are a run, and when [, such as a thing and an uphill, ] opening an axel very well, more than I expected, the Bali Bali sound is felt large,
Since it may be thought that it is noisy if there are people immediately close, in the place where it is crowded with houses, riding on eye an axel stay for a while may say.
Efficiently, although the acceleration from a low speed is touch called the kana which fell just for a moment, there is also no problem in riding ordinarily, it applies to an intermediate speed ? high speed area conversely, and elongation is better than an original manufacturer's product.
It judges synthetically, and although sound is somewhat noisy (comparing pure), it is stylish and the engine performance is good, and since a price is also there [ there ], I think that it is very good.

although it has ridden on XJR400 93 model now, it is this measure with a slip-on -- ?? -- Since the homepage of a WRs:wr's is also XJR400S ... he wanted to check once and it connected.
Please give me a reply by all means.

Since it purchased during the sale, it purchased for about 26000 yen by mailing cost lump.
Considering the price, structure is also solid and I think that there is no cheapness.
If it compares with the newest raw material since the raw material is merely a stainless, there may be no freshness.
Although attachment was performed by itself, it completed in about 50 minutes.
Although it was not so difficult, removing the original muffler suffered troubles for a while, in order that a middle pipe portion might insert in the direction which power cannot put in easily, when attaching new one.
Since the wrench which removes a baffle not being enclosed as others, and an liquid gasket required for attachment are not attached, it is necessary to purchase.
(It is about 700 yen in a volume retailer) About the tone quality to worry, if it is in a state with a baffle, it is not noisy in particular in the place called normal +alpha, but by an idling condition, it is thought that low-pitched sound is emphasized for a while.
If rotation is raised during a run, it will become a racy sound gradually, but since an exhaust sound is placed away back with the rise of speed, it may be hard to feel that a difference is the normal which hears an engine sound, especially the sound of a cam gear.
However, I think that cost performance is a psycho and think that it is a product which we can recommend to you in the direction referred to as liking to change atmosphere just for a moment.

Although what is necessary is just to be able to attach without processing ...

The position was decided.

A crack attaches the tank of GSR400 immediately.
Since it was disgraceful in the place to which eyes go from usually, he purchased as crack hiding.
Since an abrasion is not conspicuous and this tank pat does not have degradation by sunlight, either, we recommend you to equip with motorcycle purchase.
It finishes with double-stick tape wearing in 2 minutes.