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Wunderlich merupakan produsen aksesoris dan suku cadang untuk motor-motor BMW, seperti luggage, windshield, dan control parts yang dibuat untuk menunjang kenyamanan berkendara.

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It is easy to use because it is a reliable Manufacturer and it is dedicated to the car model. I bought the Maintenance Stand for the first time, but if you have S1000 RROwner it will not be damaged.
It is easy to install at the front brake.

It is easy to use because it is a reliable Manufacturer and it is dedicated to the car model. I bought the Maintenance Stand for the first time, but if you have S1000 RROwner it will not be damaged.

Originally it seems to be designed for other car models, but it can also be used for G310GS. It's very easy to install with just two Bolt sandwiching Brake pedal and fixing.
The O3Brake pedal of the G310GS is very small and the installation position is too close to the car body side, so it is tough to keep the feet on the Pedal at all times.
By installing this product, you can extend Pedal to the outside, although it is a little a couple of inches. Although it is only about 1 cm, the effect at the part where it always operates is Large, the burden on the ankle can be reduced to the Large width.
However, since it is not Exclusive Design, the form of Plate is not clearly matched, and a sense of incompatibility on Design remains a little. I do not mind it because it is not a part that I always see.
Also, Material : Even with Aluminum, heavy parts will be attached to the Brake pedal so that the switch of the searre Rear brake will easily react to it. Even if you do not wear Brake, the Stop-lamp lights up just by touching it a little, so you need to be aware of it.
I feel the price is honest and high. I think that it is considered as a Brand fee as a famous Manufacturer, but many similar products are sold, so I think there is considerable room for selection.

I do not need any special tools for installation work, I think that anyone can do as long as 30 minutes. I was worried about the length of Throttle Cable, Clutch Cable, Brake line, but the only thing that needs adjustment is Clutch Cable, which can be easily adjusted without tools, so there is nothing wrong.
It only increases the height by 25 mm, but the wonder and the benefits are Large, the fatigue feeling of Long touring is considerably reduced.
Originally, with the same height as the G310R Handlebar something that Manufacturer sells is questionable itself, you can drive with a natural Position.
The biggest benefit is Large is improvement of Position when standing. Depending on the height of the OEM, depending on the height of the Rider, I am 182 cm, so it was fairly improved that the honest Handlebar was too low and painful.
It will depend on your physique but it is quite a Recommendation.

I think there are individual differences, but the installation hole Gap, the angle with the vehicle Gap, the included Torx bolt breakage etc. It was the worst. I am planning to purchase Handlebar Up Spacer, but I'm worried.

Accuracy as Parts is sufficient, there is no dissatisfaction.
I can not deny that the handlebars are slightly noisy, but it certainly makes it easier to check backwards.

If I escaped while leaving the pass road as usual, footpeg arrived on the road before rubbing and both of them were broken.
I do not have cold, so I think that it should be used in use that can not keep the vehicle too much.

After all, the wind pressure is hard on the expressway, so if the windshield effect can be obtained even a little, RnineT Urban G / It is good to purchase Short Screen dedicated to S ,,,
My Urban has a Tachometer of OEMOption. With Tachometer it turned out that Bracket could not install due to interference.
Remove Tachometer for the time being (Standard Speedometer only) I installed Screen,
Wes Big's compatible model is correct but in the item description column "Can not be installed on Tachometer car of OEMOption" Please write down.