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X-EUROPE menyediakan berbagai aksesoris sepeda motor seperti jeriken bahan bakar, cover motor, berbagai cairan kimia, hingga beragam jenis kunci.

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Got it yesterday! Top quality canister! Made in Taiwan, I think for the Japanese domestic market, because everything is written in Japanese and on bar code 49. The packaging is just great in two boxes! I advise everyone to this product! If you choose to deliver a small package for 600 rubles, the EMC will still be sent! The quality is super! And thanks to my Japanese friends, she sent me almost a gift!

Although it is CROSS CUB with good fuel economy, GS is also often closed in the mountainous areas of holidays
I will carry with it because it will not be sharp if I mistake refueling Timing.
Although Gasoline is attached to hands somewhat when using it, there is a sense of security in case there is nothing.
Until now I threw it in Rear's BOX, but since it seems that it will not cause any problems even if it is attached to the outside
I use it with a Drink holder attached and fixed to it.
It is only 500 cc, but 500 cc for CUB will extend the cruising distance of 30 km
This existence is Large, is not it?.

First of all why is Wire lock in this shape? Handling is very troublesome. Because of the rolled shape, it bounces off when you leave your hand. Please be careful as it hits your hands and it hurts very much.. Be careful when passing between Spoke. The price is cheap, even though it is effective even in crime prevention side.

In the past Touring I was nearly going to be missing Gas,
I purchased this product at Motorcycle Supply Store and used it for more than 5 years.

The painted part peels off this time and Rust is attached,
Since Nozzle 's Packing has torn, I bought a new item with Wye Big.
I write the impression that I used 5 years below.

SUPER CUB 90 Front carrierBracket
Through an L-shaped Bracket 1. Bottle holder for 5 Liter
We are installing Gasoline Carrying Can.
Large There has never been a rainwater intruding into it even if you have run for a long time in the rain.
Set Nozzle where Packing ripped trying and close the lid
Water did not enter inside even if submerged for several minutes.
It is a fairly solid build.

I set Nozzle when pouring Gasoline into the Tank of Motorcycle,
Gasoline surely adheres to my hands.
This is structurally useless.

If you close the cover too tight,
I think that degradation of Nozzle's packing will be accelerated.
Is not it too tight, is it the place that said that it is not too much.

Even if Nozzle 's packing tears with Rust
Since it can be used without problems,
As I am quite able to recommend Gasoline Carrying Can.

Those who think that they want Gasoline Carrying Can
How about with Touring?.

I also have one Liter of the same type.
500 ml is more than an emergency for Motorcycle
I use it for Outdoor's GasolineStove.
Usability is good!

I use it for agricultural work, not for Motorcycle. I also use it for Motorcycle for times of emergency... (^^;
Since Nozzle can be stored inside the Bottle together with Cap, the portability is high, but when you install Nozzle, you always touch Gasoline attached to Nozzle, your fingers will smell. Polyethylene gloves are essential.

Because of the structure that removes the inner lid and installs Nozzle, attention must be paid to the loss of the inner lid.
Since Nozzle is short, if you do not pour it after supporting the tip with your fingers and guiding it to the filler neck, as soon as you tilt the Bottle Gasoline "Goboshi!" Since it may jump out, let's calm down and do not panic without panic.
As Gasoline spreads out of the gap of the inner lid after use, it is personally safe to use a monolithic Cap.
As you can choose according to the purpose, it is appreciated if you can share it with 10 Liter, 20 Liter's Nozzle, Cap.

Gasoline likes to end at the most unexpected moment! This product is ideal for my Honda Joker 90 motorcycle! 500cc is optimal to get to any gas station in Sochi! I recommend to buy strongly! All good shopping and hello from the sunny Adler!

I bought it for MONKEY.
Easy, Size is also not good Large is just right. When running, it produces fricative sound so we are reinforcing with a thin Sponge or Rubber board.