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Gasoline slightly from Fuel Cock
Because it was blurred, ordering and disassembling and exchanging.

I would like to tell SR members
Also in service manual
Because the negative pressure packing part is not listed
It may be better for those with some knowledge. Or remember well after Rose

I acknowledge my own shortage of Kill
After assembly, before Gasoline replaced
Because it does not stop at the ON position
I ordered OEMCookAssy.
I appreciate it with the Instruction Manual.

I think that it is good but I regret not being able to change the position by turning Meter. I think that I can turn it by removing the Clip, but there is a possibility of getting scratched.

As aged deterioration caused leakage from Fuel Cock, leakage was from the part without Manufacturer 's Single Item supplement, so we were considering ASSY exchanges unavoidably, so we found this item so we purchased it immediately.
Disassemble by removing Cook - Because it becomes an exchange, handling of Gasoline (Of course it is not allowed to ignite the fire) I think to Level's work which can be done without difficulty by replacing it with care.
Only Hexagonal Wrench and Phillips Screwdriver are necessary tools. It is even better if you have Brakes cleaner for cleaning and RubberGrease to apply to Rubber packing classes.
Although it may not be necessary if it possesses an exploded diagram etc, there is no attachment of Handling Instruction Manual, so it is recommended to arrange parts to be disassembled in order to replace Smooth To do.
I felt that the resin Washer was also attached to Product Contents and it was kind.
Note) Rust on the screw head (Especially Plus screw) If it is occurring you should work carefully so as not to crush the head.