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XENA ahlinya dalam memproduksi alarm gembok cakram anti maling untuk motor. Alarm gembok cakram XENA berukuran cukup kecil dan mudah dibawa kemana saja, namun dapat mengamankan motor Anda dengan sangat baik.

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It is a disk lock with an alarm function.
Since there is a rumor a thief is sensitive to sound, it purchases as an alarm as a lock.
In the same form, there is what has a raw material without that as right as the thing of all stainless steel.
Since the price was different only about 1000 yen, the all stainless steel which is strong to rust and has reinforcement was chosen.
If a changing battery is not practiced several times, an alarm will resound in a house (smile).

It OKs with one finger.

The highly efficient model of a brake master, a radial pump master.
I have always used regularly.
The operation which pushes a piston when a brake is grasped compared with the usual brake master becomes direct, and a radial pump master's comes to be [ part to have grasped compared with the master every conventional width ] effective.
It may fall into feeling which has grasped the brake pad directly.
Not only when this operativity and control nature are usual town riding, but at the time of the full breaking in a circuit run, it becomes the strongest arms.
It becomes such feelings to which breaking became skillful only by changing a brake master.
If appearance is also compared every width, it will have presence and will fill a feeling of possession.
and it is also glad that the choice which the radial pump master of the nisshin was abundant in lineups in color, they boiled it custom, and was united can be performed -- peevish [ come out and ] -- ! lineup -- 17 mm and 19 mm.
It is a soft touch if it is used for a front double caliper 17 mm.
There is a tendency which becomes a harder touch 19 mm.
I think that 17 mm is good exactly in the case of a single caliper.
Since it thinks that there is best master by the vehicle type or a caliper, please think well and choose.
If strengthening of a brake is considered, they will be parts to press down at the very beginning!!

The appearance is "Well, it's like this" Level.
There is no problem with sufficient mounting accuracy.
, But it was broken when I noticed it in about a week.

I have been on the XR 250 BAJA, which has been riding for 21 years.

I bought it because NORMAL's feeling of mnumu nuance was anxious.

After mounting, we got on the Touch which was more than expected, Snap, and easy to control

I feel that my Breaking has improved.

I wish I had to exchange it sooner..

By the way, because Rotor of Breaking system was also exchanged together, compatibility may have been good.

In the case of the SR 400 OEM's Reserve tank integrated Master cylinder, Parts itself will inevitably become Large, so Handlebar replacement etc etc. , Custom around the Handlebar may interfere with fine adjustment of the positional relationship of each part. As this product is separate from the Reserve tank, compared with OEM, the degree of freedom of the installation position is high, it is a nice point for the Custom faction.

By the way, Brake's Fing Ring itself changes obviously compared to OEM.

OEM 's Master cylinder is early Touch, the rise of braking is relatively strong and it is clearly clear, there is no change in braking force which is too large even if gradually grasping from there, a certain pressure is applied Wherever, it was Fei Ring that seemed to work strongly, but I did not like it much.

On the other hand, this product often says "Linear" It is effective. The braking force rises to Smooth by the grasping amount. I think that the diameter of Master cylinder may be different from OEM, but obviously the controllability has improved.

Of course, I think that adjustment can be done by characteristics of Brake line and Pad, so it is only comparison with Master cylinder.

Also, the Lever position adjustment mechanism of the Dial formula, which is not found in the OEM, was delightful. It can be adjusted in a moment without tools.

Wiring processing of Brake switch is necessary, but it is not so difficult task, so if you are familiar with terminal processing work, Wiring processing will end within 5 minutes.

yeah i though , i bought the long version, instead they sent me the sort version.. the material is solid , the price is affordable.. , in general i like it.

I attached it to ducati HYPERMOTARD 796.
Basically Normal hose can not be used because it is Screw Pitch adapted to brembo.
Hose exchange is mandatory.

Considering that point, buying brembo's MASTER is also an ant as an option.

However, Nisshin has security at FOR JAPAN MODEL that OverhaulParts can be obtained immediately.

By the way, I installed 19 mm, but I think it was easier to adjust the feeling of sinking and slowing down than NORMAL.
If you want more Touch then MODEL with variable Ratio such as brembo's 19 RCS would be good.