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Boots XPD telah diproduksi sejak tahun 2000 oleh Spidi Sport, pemilik sebuah perusahaan motor terkemuka merek SPIDI yang menyediakan boots racing terbaik, boots touring dan sepatu sport riding untuk rider di seluruh dunia.

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Ulasan Produk XPD

I think that it is most suitable for those who are dissatisfied with the hardness of recent Racing boots because it is very soft.
It corresponds to fine movements with the sense of old Racing boots.
Compared to the recent Racing boots which uses resin a lot, in terms of protection, it may take one step in terms of protection, but if you feel that you can cover with operability it will not matter.
After that Toe slider is a bit crappy.

Corner frequently exchanged this product for rubbing the toes of Shoes. Exchange uses Wrench but it is easy. There is no problem with quality.
I think the price is expensive. Because there is not much need for it because there is not much need.

What is bad at driving,
I feel that something has become very good. Walk and sound,
Katsu! I'm doing it!. The tension already rises.
Size was able to go by Size of ordinary shoes.
Whether it's crispy at the shanks is fairly Limit whether the foot is thick.
It is good to walk around ChocolateChocolate with Motorcycle in place,
I wonder if I get tired of walking a lot.

Purchasing with Design and expecting coolness for summer.

I was expecting breathability, but I felt it hardly felt, I felt the air escaped from my heels without a heart. So, I think that people who are seeking coolness can not meet their demand.

The feeling I wear is that the whole leg is fixed properly, Protector also has a sense of security.
It's fairly solid so your Shift change is easy and it's better than I expected it will not hurt your feet even if you are driving for a long time. Also, light points are also good.

Even though there is Hold feeling and Protector. Since it is not Solidly overall, there is not much sense of incongruity in walking around at the Touring destination.

Design has points as expected, but there are also points of dissatisfaction.
I purchased White & Red, but I feel that the inner side is not White & Red but Black!.
Of course, I had understood and understood the photograph beforehand, but I wanted the inside also to be White & Red.
Also, it seems that the point you see from the front is too rough, or nothing is too lonesome.

The part I expected was less than expectation, but the part I did not expect much was better than I expected.
However, as a whole I have not found any point of discontent, so it was never a bad shopping.

사이즈도 딱맞고 근데 군데군데 스크래치가 있어서 새제품인지 의심이 좀 가는 부분이네요 첨사보는데 일단 재질이나 퀄리티면에선 나쁘진않은거 같습니다. 훌륭하다곤 못해도 쓸만은합니다 백글자 채우기 어렵네요 달리 무슨말을 할게 없네요] The size is perfect, but there are some scratches in the place, so I doubt whether it is a new product or not. It does not matter if it's great, but it's worth it. It's hard to fill in hundreds. There's nothing else to say.(translated by Google Translator)

I went to a store in a nearby shop but I did not have the same color and bought it with Net.
I bought Fluo Orange, but I was shocked at seeing the goods I received.
Product photos look slightly chic Orange close to Brown,
The real thing is Glaringly's fluorescent Orange.
Although it may be unavoidable because it is difficult for fluorescent color to appear in the picture,
It was truly different from the actual thing and it got dented.
Design itself is good and I bought it with a gold amount that is not cheap at all
I will keep on tackling until I fade away.
Can you fade away?

Recently, I bought an imported car called the helicopter TESIMODEL, but since I only owned Type Motorcycle so far called SUPER BIKE, the wheels do not match at all. It became fun to purchase all new things from Helmet to Shoes.
Although Shoes of XPD has purchased several pairs, I've been patronizing but design is also quite comfortable to wear. This MODEL is a Type that has never existed in XPD, but I think that the flow of XPD is fully inherited. I'd like to get the Brown of the same MODEL and wear it alternately. I properly carried out maintenance and thought about continuing to wear it for a long time.

it's the best. The grill color is also wonderful..
The sound is also great.
You will definitely recommend it to your friends.