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XR'S ONLY, seperti namanya, produsen ini hanya memproduksi sparepart untuk HONDA XR series. Knalpot, bodywork dan sparepart mesin produksi XR'S ONLY dapat meningkatkan performa motor HONDA XR Anda.

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It attached to VTR250.
The rear suspension of a certain manufacturer who can adjust only a pre-road was attached before.
I thought that effectiveness of damping force was considerably different.
It became pleasure for the width of adjustment of setting to also spread and to run after this.

I used it because my acquaintance was using it and purchased it.
I have not used it yet because I installed it but the texture is also good Large satisfaction.
Turquoise blue is cool?


CloseCourse & town ride & impressions of running through the pass

It is better than Normal suspension, it moves so that Setting can be made fine!

Built-in is also nice, it is NITRONRecommendation!

The OEMRear suspension of SR 400 was replaced at about 26,000? Runs as Oil bled.
Since OEM's Chain case corresponds to Spring, I have to remove it.

Although I exchanged and still traveled only a little, I understood the difference in a moment. It got better at the Level which amateurs can understand even by myself.

Before going into Corner, when you knock down it is soft, you can defeat it, you have a good hardness in the bank, the sense of security has increased.
Also, when I opened the Throttle at the start, there was a feeling that Wa Sass absorbed power with OEM, but this made me feel that all of the power is transferred to Tire.

I also want to have fun by changing Settings.

Previously we used DAYTONA 's Adjustable rear shock for about 20000 kilometers.
Oil I used it without leaking, but I got a little bit of entrance so I was worried about OHLINS but I tried to NRR shock of NITRON with car height adjustment and damping adjustment.

I bought a stock of Spring rate 19k with inventory and tried sitting with a pounder but I understood the difference of Shock just by sitting.
First ride I got on the 10th stage of damping but it was soft and Balance with Front was bad so now I am watching the situation with 12 steps.
Ride comfort was also good, although Corner had a feeling of bouncing if it was a former Shock, but NITRON's Shock is always afraid that it is touching the ground and it is not afraid.
Because I feel that the car height of Rear is going down since the previous sinking, I do not adjust Pre-road yet because I raise the car height afterwards, so I make various adjustments and adjust according to my own motorcycle I want to.

Although it is an old Motorcycle, it is in Lineup and it was able to purchase it by various ordering with OrderSeat.

It's lightweight so it's easy to adjust with a nice Spring rate, the running has also improved a lot, the delivery was quick to the surprise and it was good

When I put NITRONRear suspension in Z125PRO, it is a tremendous suspension as I think that the absorption of Gap on the road surface is high and it is not moving. Because NITRON was too good or Balance collapsed, NORMAL's Front fork topped out, so if we tried the Rebound adjuster 3 Clicks and tried it nearly Front fork rattling subsided. I thought that Suspension that I can set is good.