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YAC mengembangkan produksi aksesoris untuk mobil Anda seperti dudukan minuman dan aksesoris untuk dashboard. Aksesoris YAC membuat sensasi mengemudi Anda menjadi lebih nyaman dan mudah.

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Previously I used Asterisk. I feel defeated by wrapping. However, this one is cooler.

I started to use this 5 years from 1 or 2 every evening from 3 years ago it will not take once a month
It is riding in SundayRiderLevel and it has a long lasting long term
I understand that it is a special Material, but Quantity : It feels like 7000 yen at 2pc is slightly higher.
It is caution that screws that are desorbing but are outdated
You can lick the Torque-like Bolt when removing it without turning the included special screw. Because I could not remove it even if I cooked with Wrench with instantaneous adhesive, I took Sleeve together with a thin Drill.
Just a new one Included Parts : It comes as if I had anticipated that it could not be removed unless it destroyed.

I bought it here about 3 years ago and is still in use.
Mainly MXCourse and EDCourseetc. So, when you drive Sports you are always wearing.
From NB to IBRider.. People who have Race experience around us all are wearing, but I feel that Veteran people are strongly recommending to wear as much as they are.

M Size from Mr. Manufacturer's official Size Chart corresponded and it was just right feeling if I chose it exactly.
Adjustable parts of the movable range and Pad of the part where the inside and outside of the knee joint hit Spec. It has become a.
Will Velcro have a bit of difficulty, because it is also a part with intense movement? Because it extends or frayed, just there.. Or sooner or more ingenuity or exchange will be required.
Since there is no sharp point in the part corresponding to Wear, I think that I do not have anything worrying about using it and piercing Wear, Fitting is also not compatible with recent Boots and Wear.
About the feeling of wearing, I think that this will only get used to.
Speaking of ease of movement, it is most easy to not wear anything..
Regarding price, I think this price is better for Large Change Cospa with both feet.
Even if I know it is good, 100,000 gold will have the courage on both feet of other upper MODEL..
It is cheap so it will not break soon, so it can be used for quite a long time and I feel that Balance of price and performance is good as an Entry model.

I am newbie and I do not need it yet.. Or such large-scale equipment.. Although it is a brace which is thought to be thought as, etc. regardless of Rider's Level, I think that such an ornament should wear without sparing in order to prevent injury beforehand.
It is not nothing to be scraped, but if you unexpectedly put your feet, you got it in a different direction, your knees twisted, Enduro something struck the stump and the toes opened etc etc etc. There are surprisingly many scenes to be.
Of course there are accidents that can not be prevented, but I think that it will be much lower as a possibility.
But Velcro is like, this is the most disappointing.

I used it for repairing K300. Knee Cup could not be installed using parts of Black Hinge part.
In order to install, either cut off the nail to the knee Cup or cut out the hole of the Hinge part! You must process either. It is not a matter of shaving nails, but it is troublesome, so we used old parts as they were. Order to be assembled etc. etc. I think that there is something that specifies.
It is a little disappointing that it does not suit properly although it corresponds to MODEL.

There are Type to paste from the inside for the front seat and Type to paste from the outside for the rear seat.
For Type to paste from the outside, it is good to peel off one side after deciding the place with a notch in the backing paper.
However, for front seats, there is only a Tag to make the backing paper easier to peel.
"Paste" Work should be irrelevant outside the window, behind.
As a result, it is difficult to paste for the front seat.
I think the color is somewhat flashy. I think that all is good with White.

I bought it for G-max 220.
Always used 4Liter things, it was a waste to stick to the container and hard to enter.

Speaking greedy, it was easier to put in if the opening of the spout was a little smaller.

It is kept outdoors not exposed to direct sunlight
Plastic deterioration etc.. I think that it is a good product without it.

Vinyl bag etc etc so as not to mix chiry and garbage etc etc etc. You can use it as soon as you put it in.

Large strange Standard Oil Jug.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
"price" When "Seat's Headrest pole is shopping bag" From
【How was it actually used?】 It became convenient.. It became very convenient that the hanging plastic bag became a Garbage bag. Was good.
【Mounting was difficult?】 It is easy to put it on Headrest pole.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] It is not particularly.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell us if there are any improvement points】 Thin Rubber-like cushion etc. on the back of the product etc etc. I think that it is better to rub on Seat.
【Have you compared items?】 Because I bought it a long time ago, at that time, only this product was found, so it was not possible to compare.
[Others] Notes
Headrest pole does not have a car shape or Headrest pole diameter of 13 mm or more and Headrest special shape can not be used.
The load carrying capacity is about 2 Kg. Let's be careful.

Although it uses and passes more than half a year, a guide peg is not injured thanks to this.
Although it falls over really hard, the OK
inner package of the portion with which it has equipped is also strong.
-- if it attaches into a leather connector since it is thin on the whole --
-- probably, there is only this -- !! -- the thinness of an about.