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Yamaha Europe

Yamaha Europe Accessory merupakan produsen aksesoris resmi untuk Yamaha MT-09, MT-07 dan YZF series. Yamaha Europe Accessory menawarkan beragam pilihan bodywork, seperti windshield, fairing, dan jok dengan desain yang elegan.

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Ulasan Produk Yamaha Europe

Although the character of DIVERSION was in the cowl at XJ6 DIVERSION, the place which thought whether the character of XJ6 would have any vehicles that there is nothing anywhere, and this pat were found.
A size and a feeling of a fit are very good because of an exclusive pat.
The tuning fork mark is also pleasing.

I bought a Carbon Style,
Texture is the best.
It works without problems with the attached Relay. Relay itself is not as big as it is told. In my case I put it in Space under Rear Sets.
To good things, Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. I would like you to lower the price and sell it.

The Yamaha Europe Tank Pad is very high quality. Perfect fit and look difference compare with other tank pad and fast shipping

The Yamaha Europe Tank Pad is very high quality. Perfect fit and look difference compare with other tank pad and fast shipping.

买了YAMAHA.MT-07的车友都知道,改是必须的!,改完了性能当然要改外观,当坑爹的是想要买全套贴片时刚好就差这片,所以当时不能凑单买,不然就可以省不少钱了,这次为了完整忍痛给多了邮费,谁叫只有Webike 有这个货。 The riders who bought YAMAHA.MT-07 know that change is a must! After changing the performance, of course, you have to change the appearance. When you want to buy a full set of patches, you just need to buy this piece. So you can't buy it at the time, or you can save a lot of money. This time, you have to pay more for the whole pain. Who told me that only Webike has this item.(translated by Google Translator)

It is also good as Rika Barry such as Wound attached just like it was attached with a key etc..
As expected, we only have Yamaha Europe and I think that the quality is high.

Thank you for your prompt response.
I am deeply moved to order it and arrive the next day
It is Large changeable satisfying installation.

If there is a chance, thank you..

Tank Pad is a meaningful product in terms of anti-slip and scratch protection at the time of Knee grip.
However, regarding this product, you may not be able to expect much antiskid effect.
I think that it can be Recommendation for those who want scratch prevention effect and designability.
I chose this product with importance on Design.
Although it seemed to be a little expensive, I was satisfied with my purchase.