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YAMAMOTO dikenal sebagai manufaktur knalpot berkualitas dan berperforma tinggi Spec-A. Knalpot buatan YAMAMOTO memiliki bentuk unik yang memberikan kesan modern dan mewah pada motor Anda.

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These looks exceed a muffler and it is suitable for calling it Bar Nia.

Full Exhaust System After exchanging for a while NORMAL I was riding with inspiration but at low speed, the fueling time at acceleration was good, but after replacing the Funnel, the engine suffered a lot of intake Air conditioning is good. Growth of high rotation is also improved.

I like the OEMExhaust pipe 's Plating feeling is also beautiful and I like it, but with only the Slip - on Silencer replacement, the exhaust sound got somewhat unsatisfactory, so I replaced it with this Exhaust pipe.
Silencer uses TSR 's. Since it was written that Yamamoto racing's product page also conforms to other companies' Silencer on the product page, it was judged that it could also be TSR.
Actually, the angle between the exit angle of the Exhaust pipe is not matched a bit, and the bracket that fixes the TSR Silencer to Body did not match. We processed it but added Sponge between Silencer and Tail cowl to interfere with Tail cowl.

Although it is an exhaust sound to worry, I feel that bass is out more than OEM at Idol.
I thought that the volume will not change very much.
There is an impression that it became a thick sound overall.

The welded part is cool because it looks like a little baked color appeared.
Although it costs more than two cylinders because it is 4 cylinders, I am satisfied.

I installed mine on my CB1300 '08. Did not need to read instructions. It fit perfectly right in. This thing came as described, is extremely well made, looks amazing and sounds fantastic, even with the muffler on.

Although it is good to get out with a straight type Exhaust pipe, it seems that it does not use pulsation, so it is only good to get rid lol Torque at high revs is reduced and Torque is decreasing in the whole area I feel that the exhaust system also decreases Specifications I am using - A I am satisfied with the appearance, the sound and the burning color! Because the output is! I think that it is necessary to adjust the flame setting according to this Exhaust System I think that it is Good because the appearance is Good so I am satisfied with Large I will!


First of all, it is the reason why I made this exhaust system,
It's two OEM's and I liked Design
? Since the use application of Motorcycle is Touring and it is not used in Race etc, weight, Specifications do not care
? Sound is your preference
So this time it is Slip - on Silencer too!

I liked two designs of OEMExhaust System and I thought that it was not a dual Exhaust System but this exhaust system came out.
I immediately decided to watch the introduction movie (Lol)

◎ Design
This is a person's likes and dislikes, so I can not say it at all, but I felt that I am pretty beautiful and elegant!. It's really simple and Sharp and it's a really beautiful Exhaust System. Truly Titanium !! (Lol)
webike Laser imprint of the first time Design also makes elegant and luxurious feeling.

◎ Mounting
It is insanely simple (Lol) Unpacking and watching the Instruction Manual, you can do it even if you take it slowly 30 minutes.
You do not have to remove Cowl!

A sound
I think that this also has liking, but what I like is
Powerful deep bass, sounds comfortably coming out as the number of revolutions rises.
It did not make cheap high sounds at high speed.
When Idling, it vibrates to the body with a comfortable heavy bass that is comfortable as Doddodd and it felt a reverberation. It is a noisy but comfortable sound. If you increase the number of revolutions, it is also a nice sound that the sound grains are all very beautifully arranged! If you change the Exhaust System, there is an image of a loud noise or Parenthesis a good sound, but this Exhaust System is an elegant beautiful I felt it was sound!
I was concerned about the OEMExhaust System, but it sounded like BALIBALI sound is broken at high revolution, Idling is good, but high revolution is a bit cheap but I felt that this exhaust system has a high revolution Even when, the sound grain is complete and each exhaust sound is heard beautifully!
Personally I like the sound Large and excited (Lol)

◎ Performance
First of all, it is good to lose weight! Even if it says it is heavy in two draws, weighing about 3?. It is about 500 grams difference compared with other Manufacturer's one drawer!
I compared it while exchanging it, but it is the difference of clouds (Lol)
I did not feel the necessity for performance improvement privately, but I was surprised again! (Lol)
In OEM Sports, Sports + MODE, there was a feeling of sharpness with Axel opening and closing, but with this Exhaust System, Sports, Sports + also comfort like ComfortMODE!
The feeling of relaxation is relaxed considerably! It is surprising that it changes to here (Lol)

◎ Demerit
I do not particularly have Titanium, so is there a reasonable price? (Lol)

General review
Sound, looking beautiful and slightly different from other Exhaust System, elegant and excellent. It is a raw feeling Exhaust System!
Since the feeling of relaxation is relaxed, it will be easier to ride normally, and I think that replacement Merit is Large.
Exhaust System has different preferences, but I can recommend you with confidence ♪

I ordered AKRAPOVIC but it was not in stock and it was treated as Cancellation and I bought the second candidate for this item. No complaints about quality, accuracy, performance! Design is a little long, being away from the car body is Minus Point. OEMPannier case can be used, convinced by cancellation with an official product. Sound quality is quieter and less satisfying than OEM Product.