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YAMASIDA menawarkan kampas rem yang tersedia dalam beragam tipe dengan harga terjangkau. Termukan kampas rem YAMASIDA yang paling cocok dengan motor Anda!

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Ulasan Produk YAMASHIDA

Because it was cheap, buy it and exchange it yourself.
There was no dissatisfaction as I had the necessary and sufficient performance for town ride.
Since we only had domestically produced American, we can not make a significant comparison,
I thought that was enough in the range that did not make peaking Riding.

Top speed 170 km in full Brake from 6th to 3rd speed I use it in Circuit but performance is no problem. Although it is not effective, it works well enough. Because it does not work too much in a good way, it is easy to handle even when turning with grasping Brake. However, the decrease is early. It's over for 5 hours of driving.
Aggression to disc seems to be low.

I used YAMASIDA's Pad before, but since Pad has gone, I purchased YAMASIDA's Pad again.

Although it is said that it has been improved more than before, it seems that there is not much change, but there was not particularly dissatisfaction with those of former YAMASIDA.

Although it does not work with the guts, it works very well for Mild and it is easy to control.
I think that it is the best Pad for town ride.

I purchased DRAGSTAR 400 CLASSIC, for Front.
It was an OEM until then but it was replaced at Pad's lifetime.
Even if it actually is used I do not feel anything comparable.
Just drop the BALI firmly and upgrade Grease
If I do not wear it, I think I will get squeaks when I hit Brake.
Which Pad is this point?.
We are totally satisfied..

Purchased for MAJESTY 125. Because of the heavy car body with Small diameter disc, the last Type did not have so much. It was very cheap, so I'm happy for the people. I will not fly so much, so I look forward to durability. I do not recommend it to the skiers.

Until now use Yamashida Pad with no mark. This time, Colored is installed for the first time.
Probably, I think it will be more effective than OEMPad. Together with weight shift, Rear tire will also lightly hop. I will not go until JackKnife ...
Even on rainy days, although I feel impatient from the early days of braking, there is still no locking atmosphere.
Although it sometimes cries when dragging lightly, I do not mind.
It is a reputation Caliper that it does not work originally, so it is almost satisfactory performance.
As for color, it is easy to check the thickness of Pad, so it is appreciated.
Naturally it does not work as scary as soon as it is installed. Let's break in and let's get out of Atari.

I bought it with 260 kg Motorcycle for Rear, so on that assumption.
There is no braking power that is comparable to OEMPad. If it is rainy, I will not bear it any more. Of course, ABS does not operate because it does not lock the rear wheel.
It may not have matched with the car weight as Select of parts. Next time I'm going to try it on Grade above.

In the state of Dry, almost the same as OEM. In Wet, although feeling braking is applied Timing is delayed feeling, there is no particularly dangerous feeling.
However, even if I intentionally tried to operate the ABS, I could not take it until locking ...