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Yamashiro merupakan salah satu distributor aksesoris motor di Jepang. Berkat pengalaman panjang di bidang produksi aksesoris motor, Yamashiro mengembangkan dan memproduksi aksesoris motor beserta perlengkapan balapan yang berkualitas untuk menunjang pengalaman berkendara Anda.

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Since the color is attached to the front, confirmation before and after is good.
Rain in full use outdoors will get wet. I can not say it at all with this conscientious price.

Size XL is written as Waist 78 Inseam 69.
I ordered this because I usually wear Jeans of Waist 78 cm,
Uruyuru is Oversized when you try to arrive at the item you received.
I am very dissatisfied..
The same for work etc.. I think that Size notation is wrong even compared with the product.

I can not try it on and I can not return it, so it's gambling whether the Size of the item I received matches myself.
Because it is a growing Material, it may be safe to choose Small Sharks from the notation.
quality ? The texture looks good.
Performance as Size does not match ? Function is out of question.

I am carrying DEGNER 's Side bag during Long touring with my friends,
Even if Rain Cover is attached, from the construction, the inside gets soaked in the inside.
That means that the baggage inside is soaked
Until now, I put it in the Vinyl bag of Supermarket,
This time, the bullet FerryTouring to Kyushu was a forecast of rain,
As a test, Quantity : 2pc. Set purchased.
One is for clothes. The other is for the tool.
The result is perfect.
After descending Ferry past 8 o'clock in the morning, I had fallen and stopped until the evening, on the way, I was hit by considerable rain, but the inundation into the interior was Zero. (Of course, the inside of the Side bag gets soaked)
Better purchase than Outdoor supplies, COSPA is also the best.

From the forehead sweaty day,
If you insert it into a moist interior it will dry almost as long as 30 minutes.
The smell also disappears cleanly.
As expected, perfect drying is severe even if left for 1 hour if it is solemn.
Of course, the climate is also Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Will be.
Nevertheless uncomfortable feeling is definitely reduced, so it is better than nothing.
Since it can be folded, it is better to forcibly use Bag even if it screws in.

I could beat without a year ...
I bought it last August and covered the outdoor storage HUSTLER. I wanted it more for a year, but it was broken with the use of about 9 months, and when I looked back, I could not trust it because the texture was definitely thin and light.
Motorcycle Cover is Large by the idea of ??changing for a short period of time and the idea of ??using it for a long time even if it is a little expensive, but because this product is broken as soon as it is cheap, the person who uses it uses dust I think whether to think about to avoid it.

The "Yamashiro YK-004 Motorcycle & Automobile Torque Wrench #1" will torque up most nuts and bolts on GROMs with a torque range of 5-25 Nm. It (the YK-004) has large clear numerals and increments highlighted with paint. Being a CLICK TYPE torque wrench it has a quality loud sharp signal/click. The tool is factory filled with grease so only needs common sense maintenance & servicing. The 1/4" drive allows easy torquing of fasteners in or-quid or confined spaces. Needs a plastic molded case to protect it. A must have in the tool box.

added another key to the Taiwan car manufacturing. the error percentage is not specified-but compared with the other key shows the correct values* good products

The key to a good torque wrench! for Moto and not only the time* now the bolts are not poryvay/and will to use them-as I rabotal without it +EA a good choice? I think Yes!