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YELLOW CORN adalah pabrikan riding gear asal Jepang yang dikenal dengan model dan desainnya yang khas nan agresif.

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People seeking functionality should not buy Yellow corn. Although it is a replacement from Komine, Komine products can reach the itchy place, but you can endure various things.
There is Winter Inner, but it is cold normally as a clearance comes in from Fastener. There is no such mechanism as Komine to prevent the clearance. I bought a quilting fabric around this area, sewn by myself and took countermeasures against clearance. Because I hate cold weather.
Pad in the back of shoulder is also close to decoration. In haste, OEMPad replaced it in the Garbage box with a hard Protector.
The fabric is also hard.. Although I think that I am familiar with while I am wearing it.

but it's OK. I Eco wears in Design Manufacturer. Parenthesis of the shoulder TitaniumPad can not imitate any Manufacturer.

YellowCorn G-1001 purchased in the neighborhood shop about 5 years ago.
I liked it very much, but my fingertips became quite frustrating because I let Brake fluid stick to me.
Touring season has started ... so I tried trying Gloves variously at neighborhood shop, but after all this is good.
There is a problem with sewing. I also have an impression, but I think that it is an individual difference.
If you are worried anyway, I think that you should try on Shop and purchase something with no problem with sewing.
Currently it seems that Gloves with HardProtector is mainstream, but since I am a town ride & touring is Main, I like the old-fashioned Leather Gloves with Protector rather than Large.
I would like to use it for a long while keeping it properly this time.

IMHO review for this YC ,its really comfy use in a tropical weather such as Indonesia,use this for daily riding was very comfortable. Protector such as elbow,shoulder Padding really fit with my body measurement,the zipper things also build with good material quality..

In the summer I feel the Print part on my back is hot ~
Embroidery is good even if it is more expensive ~
Fancy if you look from behind.
What kind of situations will you wear this T-Shirt ...

Kebetulan saya dr grub motor burgman indonesia dan menurut teman jakat paling nyaman...dan saya juga pemakai jaket yelolow corn jadi memang sangat rekoment sekali buat anak2 yg suka turing dan perjlanan santai. Sebelumnya memangjakaet ini pilihan buat bikers sejati I happen to dr grub motor burgman indonesia and according to the most comfortable friend of the jakat ... and I am also the wearer of yelolow corn jacket so it is very rekoment once for anak2 who like touring and casual travel. Previously this is the choice for true bikers (translated by Google Translator)

I have been using OpeningFinger since spring time so far, but I hurt Small stones and bugs that fly out ... Things that hurt ... so I was looking for as thin Gloves as possible, but this is Protectoretc. It's simple making without it, so it seems to be particularly useful in summer when it gets hot!

When removing Gloves, the leather made HalfGloves that I used to use was hard to remove when sweating, but this HalfGloves is not made of leather, but it is easier to remove a string easily by sweating even if it is sweaty.

Design of appearance, I am satisfied with the color tone, but I worry about the durability of the inside Mesh Material and the fact that it can not cut from the seams. I think that it would be nice if we can design such that we can detachable wind guard Inner with hook stop so that we can wear it even in fall winter - - -. Over Pants has a feeling of shabby, not preference. Also, YELLOW CORN does not have Over Pants of M Size.