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Sas which was originally attached at Impulse's Restore is exchanged due to leakage of Oil.
Because the price was cheap, purchase with the idea of ??trial use and car inspection place.
It is a satisfaction feeling that the change comes with performance as well.

As for the installation, in the case of Impulse End Eye color on top is unnecessary,
Rubber Bush will be installed as is.
As Rubber is likely to become someday as it is,
I installed it after spraying Silicon grease.

The hardness of Spring is reasonable as it is shipped.

End eye is also an adjustment formula,
If Impulse is as it is shipped it will be about 2 cm lowdown.

It became easier to get on with better fitting.

Unless you are running too hard to winding Winding,
I think you can expect sufficient performance.

On the hard surface of Gap it bounces fairly.

Because there is a limit to the adjustment of the Spring rade,
Without expecting excessive expectation of price,
Recommendation to those who can divide and purchase.

Motorcycle No more.
It is not fast either..
But Corner wants to turn softly to Smooth. Because it is safe also.
But I'm bouncing. Because it is Motorcycle that came out of distance.
I read everyone's impression and bought it.
You were right.. I was glad I bought it.

Easy to install, if you remove one by one, you can install even without Jack, I tried running a little bit but I thought that it was an amateur line, but it did not change as Normal suspension. The price is also cheap and Recommendation.

Since the previous reputation was excellent, I installed it so I can finally Impression the ride taste so I will up.
Installation is Bolt-on. Because the total length is a little long, Tire is grounded at Center Stand. Bush who was worried about Large as well as twists etc. Even Large is durable.
Stability was a better feeling than I thought. We can not adjust the damping force, so we adjusted it with Coil's pre-Road. Fitting property is good when Coil is weakest, but shock absorbing property on rough road surface drops a little. Improve shock absorption if you set Coil's Tension slightly in the state raised by Center Stand. By extra, turnability improves because it is a little inclined forward. Well, in my case it was pretty good as it was a missing Shock.

It's about 14,000 kilometers driving, to NORMAL's RShock "I missed" Feeling came out, I was coloring RShock.

I chose by price and Design.
Although the appearance of a separate Tank formula is Parenthesis, it seems to interfere with the Helmet holder and the tool holder, so it is removed from the candidate.

When I remove NORMAL, Shock of Length is about 5 centimeters longer here. Installation is not so difficult, but working with two people (Wearing while lifting Body) Work is easier if you do.

I ran about 50 kilometers to install, but I am not familiar yet, the weakest setting is hard as well.
But it is not enough to bounce, so I'm almost satisfied.

As you are saying, Right Side interferes.
I did not want to shave, so I caught two M14Size Flat Washers and wore it.
However, it can be installed in KATANA 250 and color variations are abundant, so this price is three!

CB750F (RC04) Rear suspension went away and purchased as a substitute. Because the price is cheap, Oh ○ Although it is not comparable with the luxury suspension such as the prestige, I think that it is enough because there is also a pre-road and some car height adjustment function. I chose a color that is also NORMAL-like, so I do not think it looks so cheap (^ ^; Installation will cut a little on the Shock side Mounting Bolt to interfere with the Rear sprocket mounting Bolt, put a Washer at the top of the Shock It was necessary to adjust and adjust a little.
I think that running feeling is the Shock of performance with NORMAL.

Although it is a reputation that it is hard, I think it is definitely a stiff setting. Pre-road weakest and do not STROKE STAND. (About 5 mm)
I will stroke about 15 mm riding my 60 kg weight.

The feeling I ran was certainly hard - - - It seems that Gap does not absorb too much Shock. Because Cornering is hard, I think that tracking ability is bad.
I rolled a Tie Wrap around the ROD and ran around the neighborhood for 15 minutes lightly but I was stroking about 30 mm before Bump Ra.

But at this price at this price we think that there is a touring level if it is Touring.
I only worry about durability - - -