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Suspensi YSS asal Thailand menyediakan suspensi berkualitas tinggi untuk berbagai jenis sepeda motor dengan harga terjangkau. Suspensi YSS dapat digunakan dan disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan Anda, mulai dari berkendara dalam kota hingga ajang balapan.

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It is the Minor Motorcycle such as AX - 1, other Brand Product has only this choice

As a result of exchange, the suspicious suspension is BALI Kata.
In this case of Motorcycle, if it is Normal suspension, I will step on Rear brake and change the load of the car and turn to Quick, but after running through the suspension I will bend Guigui and turn to a turn.

As a result, it turns into Machine which can be enjoyed as much as Road motorcycle in Winding.
The Machine characteristic called Engine which turns to light foot and foot that goes backstairs is exactly MOTARD. If you change the Tire and the Engine can get better soon it may turn into a machine more crisp.

Because the difficulty is too hard, the burden on the ass is to become strong, so the only thing you have to do is to make it the most soft on the city ride.
When exchanging the suspension with it, it seems that familiarity seems to be better if you go through the forest road and move the suspension firmly.

It installed in 2005 Harley FXD.
Before purchasing, I asked PMC about the installation and Spring rate by e-mail, but it was wonderful with the quick response of the reply, the accuracy of the contents, the content that caught up with the User.
If you were considering purchasing webikeSUPERSale began, real 6. 60,000 yen ... It is cheaper than Thailand's fixed price lol
Regarding performance improvement, HarleyNORMAL is the object to be compared, so I was able to feel enough with boxing out ponding. Because I am fully adjustable, I would like to pack it from now on.
I think that it seems likable and disappointing for the Body of the casting, but I think that it matches well with my vehicle.

As a review, Cost performance coming from YSS ScaleMerit and PMC's UserSupport regime are very attractive "Product" I felt it was finished in. I definitely recommend it..

Since the thing which was attached before was cheap, it was good anyhow. I think that COSPA is good because you can adjust both compression side and extension side.
Both have a click feeling and it is easy to understand.
Because Overhaul and Mod Fire can be done, I would like to use it tired!

Oil Because it leaked, I replaced it, but I am satisfied that I can handle stable vibrations and make stable handling. (Lol) Exchange was also Smooth like OEM.

Installation can be done even by amateurs. I have to do Jacking so that the car does not come down. I thought something was wrong because there was no Sub tank, but attenuation adjustment also works well with click feeling and it is easy to adjust. Ease of adjustment is important because you have to try it many times to taste it. I did not feel the difference between clouds before replacement and up, but now I can safely bank.

I found that I was able to wear it by looking at the image of CD 90 that fits this product's impression so I bought it
Impression it was possible to attach it as it was, my CD90 was just good at 370? Because I lengthened Swing ArmBolt and raised Rear, I have not got on yet, but because I have a waist different from NORMAL I am looking forward to riding..

It's an exchange from OEMShock that I missed. A8Japanese specification

I did not get to famous Shock such as OHLINS and NITRON so I made it for this item.
We could buy it at BALL SALE in the 60 th place.
GPZ can be easily exchanged if you install Center Stand. In addition, I also made Grease up around LINK.

It is attached with the same length as the OEM as far as the car height is attached.. Rear's car height rose in empty condition. Even if we put weight over bridges, it does not sink more than OEMShock. (The 27-year-old Shock was a scusque, did not it?)
You can feel the rigidity of the suspension as soon as you start running, you can see that Well stepped on!
I confirmed with Manufacturer that she is setting 70 kg weight. Because I felt a little hard because I was accustomed to missing Shock, I adjusted the elongation softly (Return from Hard back from 12 to 17)

Running swapping Shock has become more fun. Although OHLINS and NITRON are better in performance, YSS is satisfactory enough.
I'd like to try Spring's Pre-road and car harmony and try Iloilo.
I should have exchanged it faster

HondaWave 125i 2014 AFS 125 MSFE (TH) Attached to.
Since it interferes with the Chain case, with the case attached to the Swing Arm, the part where the Hammer interferes with the iron bar is dented, and the deformation is adjusted by Pliers and attached. Although it is a conforming product, it does not attach without processing of the Chain case.
OEM suspension length is 33 cm, RB 220 - 40 P is 34 cm.
In 1 G, the car height is high, in Side Stand the slope becomes a little Large, which makes it unstable when loading luggage in GIVI. The foot got worse somewhat.
Weight 55 kg and pre-road weakest setting. I am doing Full Bottom at OEM, but I have never made a Full Bottom with this product. Raising 1st step Pre-road becomes hardness similar to OEM.
I ran 1,000 kilometers, it was a comfortable ride, the impact was less and there was a sense of stability, the front suspension began to feel relatively stiff.