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Z-WHEEL menyediakan velg racing untuk digunakan dalam balapan motocross. Velg Z-WHEEL menggunakan aluminum heavy duty untuk mendapatkan velg yang sangat kuat dan ringan. Anda bisa memilih berbagai macam variasi warna yang tersedia dengan harga terjangkau.

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I changed the Rear brake disc to Z - WHEEL before, so I have exchanged the Front this time because there is no particular problem. I installed it in the inverted XR 250 but hub Cover (Material : Plastic Black disk) will not be attached. I do not have any trouble even if I do not have it (Lol)

It is town ride commuter use, but with NTBBrake Pads, Tire does not feel any problem with IRC GP-210.

Durability is used in Front, and it is confirmed that it is considerably better than OEM.

It will be the second purchase
I exchanged Tire for the forest road and commuting, but it is troublesome ...
Although I became practicing good practice of Tire exchanges

And I added one pair of Wheel
Buy a Rotor like that and OEM Parts too.
Everything looks good and COSPER is satisfied well

1989 installed in the formula SEROW 225-3 RW 1.
Using Parts cleaner for degreasing the surface, installation is easy with simple operation.

I exchanged because the OEMRotor was approaching the limit.
It is for TW 225 but it is possible to install any MODEL if it is TW of Front Disc.

It was a simultaneous exchange with the EcoSports pad but it will work null from the initial braking if break-in is over.
From the pass to the hard forest road it is easy to handle.

The knee became very easy although it was SEROW 250.
It is very recommended.

Test Ogawara

it attaches to Ninja250R -- it did! Attachment is also easy.
Although appearance is also good, when it falls, in order to prevent a lever bending, the axis of a lever is working and this is effective.
(When GOKE [ I / stood and ], only the abrasion of a lever is required by the favor which was functioning perfectly!) The rest is also good to be able to adjust the angle of a lever!