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Kampas rem ZCOO mengutamakan performa pengereman motor Anda. ZCOO melakukan uji coba produknya berulang kali hingga menghasilkan kampas rem yang tahan lama dan dapat dipakai untuk berbagai kebutuhan mulai dari berkendara sehari-hari hingga balapan.

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They are use and exchange from an authentic positive one in the front of NINJA250R.
Although it is not a pad of the type which is effective with Gatun like in play [ of you ], in proportion to the input of a lever, damping force increases certainly.
I think that control nature is also good, and it can recover in comfort also when it trespasses upon a corner with an overspeed.
The exchange from an authentic positive one is also completely comfortable, and powerful damping force is acquired with the operation feeling of pad exchange former.
Since the thickness of a pad is together in it being pure, the way which was run 9 or 000 km and which is seldom expected may say a life.

Because I only run Circuit, I do not know the impression of a town. Instead of using it for a town ride is not good.
Good product introduction Control and braking power are outstanding!
Because it is not a steep Gatsun Brake, I think that it is Recommendation for those who place importance on Control.

Since I just started using it, I do not understand Life. I ran in Mini circuit. The braking power is higher than familiar GoldPad soon. It starts working as soon as I pulled the Brake lever and it works as much as I pulled. I did not understand while driving, but when I turn around I will make a pretty large sound when I apply Brake. Perhaps the aggression to disc may be high.

It is ZCOO that was recommended by the Circuit fellows. Not to mention a certain braking force, Cornering is still stable with Brake left. The price is higher than competitors' products, but Performance is different.

Life is a street ride 3. 500 km + Circuit remaining with remaining 24 hours. 7mm. If it is only a town ride, it has not reached the replacement time yet, but it will be an early exchange considering the mitigation of attack on OEMBrake Disc by Circuit driving and the heat sag of Fluid by the reduced Pad.

Metallica (Specifications3) From jiku (Type C) Switch to.
It is S1000RR 2015 type, mainly enjoying running Circuit.
2Season Metallica was used, there was no dissatisfaction, but I used to use Jiku before, changed from 3Season eyes this year to Jiku. Initial braking is good, and compared with Metallica, which is easier to control, at first it was difficult to control, but this is better if you get used to it. Average Time has also shrunk more than 1 second. Life does not care because it changes to a new article every 1 Season.

I am using it in Circuit driving, but I always use kore because it shows the braking power that does not feel dissatisfied.
Well, maybe it is okay.

Metallica ? It is changed from Spook 03 to Jiku Type C.
To a rabbit, it works from the beginning!
I just started using it
I feel like I will be stopped at a shorter distance than Metallica ...

This product is effective for the amount you grasped.
The braking distance is short, there is a sense of security

Since I just installed it, I do not know how much I will have it
Life and Cost performance are not filled out
I think that it is a good product