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Easy to install maps that are not too exhausting, but when you try to use more than 20. %Obviously Easy to load or change maps. Worth for With only 130 horsepower. Enough to feel the strength.

It is for ZX - 7 R, but there are 2 types of 2170 and E 2170.
If you have an E on your head is the for Europe Specification, I am using this.

Contents include Main jet for DiaphragmValve Spring Jet needle Normal exhaust and Main jet for for Full Exhaust System, Main Airco Recta to close MainAir Jet.

The recommendation is K & NAir cleaner.

Although the recommended setting is also listed, in fact it is necessary to run and determine the number of Jet needle steps.
In my case, the recommended setting is too heavy fuel (There are similar symptoms even if it is thin) As the power comes out rapidly from 6 thousand to 7 thousand revolutions, Power comes out suddenly, so if you set Jet needle to a darker one, it will not turn from more than 3,000 revolutions this time, so if you are one step thinner from the basics Taking the Jet needle got better symptoms and improved.

To this, a little Slo (When using Throttle for ZrX 1200, Axel opening becomes a little Small) It is riding, but you can enjoy so much for the price. I think that will become.

Fuel consumption is almost unchanged if it is a town ride.
Unlike FCR Carburetor Body, etc., Quantity for temperature and pressure : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that it is a strength to be able to ride without hesitation because it will not be done.

However, it took 2 months to reach FOR JAPAN MODEL without inventory.

In the photo, long Cable from Switch was the one that is out Rose
There was a Coupler in between.
Thanks to the presence of the Coupler the installation process was quite loud.

Please sell the same thing as the photo.