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ZERO (peralatan balap zero) merupakan produsen yang khusus menjual performance part untuk skuter dan motor kecil 50cc. Pulley kits dan weight rollers produksi ZERO dapat meningkatkan performa mesin motor Anda.

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As AS Wotani and exchange at the same time, performance evaluation with Single Item is unknown,
In R1 - Z it is difficult to locate Earth.
I am using OEMPlug, but no problem at present.
I will exchange the Plug for BR9EG.

If you plug or unplug the plug many times, the aluminum clamp inside breaks and it becomes useless.
I would like you to improve it.. It's too bad !!!!!!!!!

It uses by Yamaha SRX600 and a XG250 TRICKER. In combination with the Hot wire, it uses as

Manufacturer recommendation. Since the
> Flag and the Cable were changed simultaneously, it understood which is what effect and it did not
Become precocious, but start-up nature and a Torque were raised clearly. In the case of the
> Multi, an effect may be thin, but I think that they are a single cylinder and a 2-cylinder vehicle, and a thing especially good for
carburetor vehicle. Even if it saw the glow condition of the
> Plug, adhesion of the
Carbon was lost as combustion efficiency was increasing rather than the pure Plug. Although the
> price is high, since it uses 40 or 000 km and still arranges, it is less expensive than expected rather rather than
Changing an authentic positive one at 10 or 000 km.

(1) Use a Hot wire at a Joint. The
Plug is changed into a Torque master. The
Muffler is exchanged for a Delta from an authentic positive one.
(4) Carburetor-setting

(1) -> (2) It had ridden in order of -> (3). When seeing the Plug before the Setting of
, the electrode of the dome shape was lost.
Although it thinks that there is also a cause [ that it was thin ], it is thought that durability is lower than an Iridium plugs.
(it changed into the Iridium plugs after electrode loss, after carrying out for a while, the Carburetor setting was carried out, but the electrode of the Iridium plugs was not lost.)
If it says conversely, it can be called a Joint and the Spark of a Hot wire may be as a rumor. Since it is ending with a Setting now [
], I would like to try a Hot-wire + Torque master once again.

It attached to CRM250AR.

It realizes that begin to run and a Power came to come out from low rotation forcibly immediately. The acceleration from a low speed becomes easy and rides easily. Although it was

Maintenance beginner, attachment was somehow completed in a 1-hour and half grade. Since it suited at the place where the
Coil extended far back, troubles were suffered for a while, but exchange by Coil direct attachment was somehow completed by pulling out a Coil, removing and shifting the fixed Bolt of the left Radiator.

If it is this boosting performance at a 10,000 yen or less price, it is recommended certainly.

[Webike Monitor] It purchased to


Since it had attached by another vehicle type also before, this product was ordered without wavering.
The feeling which a NORMAL feels forcibleness also from an exhaust sound beyond comparison too, and is in a Torque and it accelerates from a Start is the highest. The friend uses for ten years or more so that
durability may also be good.

Since it was cheap at the Sale, he bought the trial. The damping force in early stages of
> was felt quite strong. It is expectation at

Two Nology hot wires which were being used for VT250SPADA one year ago were reused, and two torque masters were purchased newly, and it equipped Bros 650. The rise of rotational frequency became smooth then. (Although the bros 650 is a 2 cylinder since it is a twin plug, 4 plug is used having been troubled ...) Since two hot wires of another model were got at the auction this time, 2 torque masters are newly purchased at Webike again, and it is all the completion of wearing four at last. As expected, the torque of intermediate speed became thick and the result was able to obtain as a physical feeling whose displacement increased ten percent. There was when a little unstable at a low speed, but this may be because the battery of my motorcycle has weakened. Going for touring from now on is pleasure. Since the price is 4000yen for each, I gave four stars. As for durability, since I run for 20,000km at the time of VT250, it may be last until about 30,000km.