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Zero Engineering, didirikan pada 1992, merupakan pelopor gaya "Road Hopper" di ranah modifikasi motor Harley-Davidson yang sangat populer di dunia, tak terkecuali di Jepang. Gaya "Road Hopper" sendiri adalah tampilan motor unik dengan frame panjang dan rendah yang dilengkapi dengan shock depan model springer.

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I used it for the 2008 MODEL of KSR 110, but I could use the Filter, but the O-ring could not be used because the size is Small.

I could not use the O-ring but at this price it was expensive as a result.

From now on, Small things like O-ring will still use OEM.

I bought it as a spare when the Clutch lever broke due to a fall at the destination or destination. Since the premise is toppling, it is better not to use it.
I think that the other company product also has sufficient performance.

It will be compared with OEM Product over 20 years ago.
It is not particularly effective as compared with OEM Product.
I feel rather effective.
Long touring of 3000 km round trip came back without trouble, and there is no problem attacking the pass.
We can not compare with other Manufacturer, but we have a firm job as Brake.
Although I do not know yet the durability, I think that Cost performance is good because it is this cheap even if it gets caught.

DJEBEL used in oil exchange! There was not any problem. It also comes with O-ring and so is safe. It does not become a loss of money purchase.

Because I purchased a used Motorcycle, I choose this item to exchange Oil and Filter at the same time!
Also affordable O Ring comes with OEM same etc. So even if you change it comfortably every time it is a product that is friendly to Wallet (Lol)
I plan to purchase it next time!

The seat cover is very nice, that's why i bought it for my yamaha nmax unfortunately it's not usable since the width is insufficient. Actually i bought one before this ntb cover , locally, suited for both honda pcx and yamaha nmax but the color mix of black and red doesn't do me favor because in Malaysia here i hardly find an alternative cover to replace mine ruined by cats' scratch. For now i haven't decided yet what to do with it, so despair i can't use it for my yamaha nmax. It's my fault to purchase the wrong item because of my own misunderstanding.

It will stop normally. With peace of mind, I can tour Tour this price.
I am satisfied.. I do not yet know the durability, but I think I will also purchase this item.

It is Repeat as a repair item.
I used the last one for about two years and replaced Pad because it floated from the foundation. I think NORMAL had about 3 years. I think that COSPA is enough if it can be used for two years with this value.
Began applying braking force is a little calm, but it gets better as it grips. KITACO used before was a bit more impressive.