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Windshield ZEROGRAVITY menggunakan optik kualitas terbaik dibandingkan dengan windshield lainnya di pasaran. Semua windshield ZEROGRAVITY diproduksi dengan teknik vacuum forming sehingga memberikan Anda pandangan yang sempurna saat berkendara.

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Sense of incongruity does not have a design in the flow of a car body, and the quantity to which a gap does not have attachment, either and a direct this barrel wind hits a helmet with involvement in the belly of the fit style exactly from an old product decreases sharply.

I am sorry.
In play [ today's ] is not RF600 900 but a double bubble of a hayabusa. It is in play [ of smoke ].
I am sorry to have made trouble.

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The profile is beautiful. The front looks a little longer. The performance of the wind shield doesn't look much differen I wish it were a little longer.

Screen is sold by each company, but I liked the comfort and shape I used in other Motorcycle before, so I chose Zero Gra CORSA.
Since there is a height higher than the standard, the rectification effect is high. Is it likable and disliking the appearance.

It was installed in L7GSX1300R HAYABUSA, the position of the hole pointed out by other people was Exactly, I attached a thing of Clear, but even if I looked in from the inside, the viewing of the landscape is the minimum and it is good to see , Windbreak effect is pretty good, so if you point out the thickness of the product is thin compared to MRA etc. It is casual feeling, Matching of design with the car body is better than the real thing better than the picture of product description, GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA There is no such thing as to destroy Design 's design, I think that it was good to install.

Screen's break is slightly rattling. Rubber to put in the hole must remove and replace the OEM's thing. It takes quite a while to replace it. Still it will appear as it is. Dark smoke is pretty dark. I feel like I can prevent wind than OEM. Although it seems that rattling is not conspicuous too much because the color is dark, I wonder if it was a bit cheaper.

When traveling 80 km it became quite easy compared to OEM.
When installing, I thought that the part around Mirror would be hit, Screw tightened and a crack of about 10 mm with a sharp sound - - -.
Before closing tightly, if you interfere, it may be better to drop it with a feeling File.
It is easier to attach if you wear it while spreading it as it installs because it is curved more quickly than OEM.