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ZEROHAN Specialist ABC

ZEROHAN Specialist ABC memproduksi windshield, fairing, dan as roda untuk Honda NSR50 dan NS-1. Produk ZEROHAN Specialist ABS menawarkan sparepart untuk modifikasi motor Anda dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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Ulasan Produk ZEROHAN Specialist ABC

I think that it is a splendid thing.
A little fixing position of the screw thread had shifted.

It is an additional report as painting finishes and we assembled it

Honda paint (Four wheel) I got it painted by OEM Color at the board Gold shop, but it seems that I could paint smoothly without any particularly strange feeling
I received it after painting but there is no nest and no problem

Although it is related to assembly, Screw hole position with Headlight, Blinker, OEMSide cowl, Upper stay also matches,. Is possible

Points to note when installing the OEMSide cowl to insert in the positioning hole attached to cowl (Things like Knock Pin) Is it about the omission of being omitted?
If you are worried to prevent Wound you can also stick to the Chile part of curing Tape Large is durable

Cowl of NS - 1 is second - hand, too few in number and has poor condition, and I heard various problems in Chinese Cowl so I ordered this Upper Cowl this time

Although it is a premise for painting, Gel is painted neatly, there are almost no BALI of FRP, and the installation of Cowl itself was also unchanged as OEM

Just worried about how to install Light is not a Bolt tightening from the back of the OEM, it is about the type fixed with Bolt and Nut from the surface

I thought that it would be so because it is FRP instead of resin including Chinese, but I will write it here because there was no description

It's just that one point and it's not an interesting part
If you care to that, there is no choice but to buy an OEM, and considering the second hand market, I think that this product is a mistake

Now I am waiting for the paint finish so I will write imprint as soon as it's done

OEMCowl is valuable so purchase in preparation for a case.
Red painted after installation.
The installation position was roughly the same as OEM. However, Headlight installation Screw hole is weak. After provisional fixation of light, I was anxious when my main line was ringing. As a result, Large was durable, but probably it will crack if you rebuild it again. It is weak enough to think so. I was just worried about that point. Others are satisfied.

It is a feeling that a mounting hole is open on just a board w

Because the Upper Cowl is the Other Company Product, the position of the hole was slightly different, but the neighborhood can be easily adjusted.

I think that there is no problem for the parts to be used because the price is cheap, but if you want Quality like OEM it would be better to make it different product.

It compared pure, or it was thin, and it becomes, and processed and attached [ the hole position of attachment did not meet fluently, either and ] with the File. Is it unavoidable, considering a price?

Although there are a Wound, a Crack, etc. although the used Cowl was looked for, and the price was also wavering highly in the beginning, your goods were found and it purchased immediately. It is very much satisfied.

It attached to TZR50. If
> attachment has a common tool, it will consider [ that anyone can attach and ].

It was dramatically cheap, and since it was handy, it purchased. Although it was somewhat softer than the pure Screen, since it was not a Motorcycle out of which so quick a Speed comes, it did not bend during the run. I think that I will purchase the goods here also when replacing the Screen attached now [