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ZIMBA menawarkan riding gear dengan gaya kasual tanpa mengesampingkan sisi keamanan dan keselamatan. Celana jeans riding dari ZIMBA memberikan perlindungan dari berbagai cuaca, dan sangat direkomendasikan untuk digunakan pada musim dingin.

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DS400 cannot be equipped.
It is a notation mistake.

It becomes the touch which the attachment screw size was delicately large and stuffed into the screw hole by power, and is dissatisfaction a little.
It is a cinch when it can attach.
A big back is also followed and it is GOOD!!

It attached to CBR1000RR 07.
Mono-[ that it was not written to the description that the hook of a sheet flesh side must also be removed and / itself ] are distorted just for a moment, and it took pains over attachment.
Requiring special attention, since it becomes impossible to use the wire which hooks a helmet when this is attached.
However, since the function as a carrier is filled and it also becomes a handle at the time of a tandem although it is slightly small, it is helpful.

Color is also perfect for being pure.

We have completed exchange installation from OEMPosition lamp to this item. White will light up brightly even during the day. Since Headlight had been converted to LEDs earlier, Balance improved with this. It was slightly uneasy that the replacement work had gotten caught in the shallow stage of the Socket when inserting this LED, when OEMPosition was removed from the Socket, that the workability was poor if Position had almost removed the Full cowl, was. Sometimes I was not used to Valve of T10 Type, I was lost in the power adjustment. Although the main driving was only during the daytime, I felt that even a little bit leads to visibility.

It is easy to install because it only replaces Valve very brightly, but it is better to increase the price slightly, preferably ICRelay at the same time if possible, however, because the PC 40 reverse car has Motor for exhaust Valve and there is almost no space It is difficult to let the 3-wire Type Resell etc. Conversion Adapter for 4 wires etc.

I installed it in CB 1300SB.

Since it is necessary to remove Cowl for installation, it is troublesome in any case.
The shape is cool with Race ish. It is quite a light smoke
It is Light, but ,,,

There was also in Impre of the other, but there is a difficulty in adhesion. My situation
The close relationship between Screen and Cowl was not good. As both ends are floating
I can see.

Regarding traveling, I do not know for the amateur.

When I pulled the Brake lever with IgnitionOn, the brake light glows and at the same time Flicker was interested in the LED of the Front's LED. Although it is the one electric bulb, although I looked for LED Lamp at the Motorcycle shop because of the high power, many that will cost 4000 or more Many LED Lamp 1 pc. I thought that \ 4000 yen is unnecessary, and when I search by webike it was ODAX's LED Lamp that I did Hit.

I do not hear Manufacturer and the real thing (Exhibition) I was worried because I could not see it, but the quality of the product, the brightness after installation has no problem, the price was also cheap so it is a satisfying product.