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A-TECH has been engaged in body works for a various vehicles like super sports or scooters. Their products are made by using many materials from FRP to carbon. Their technique which has been tried in the race world is firm.

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A-TECH Radiator Kain Kafan

The pieces are very well finished but not really adapted to OEM.
I finally mana...

A-TECH bawah Cowl batin Tray

The under cowl inner tray was very easy to instal, just need to cut a bit in the...

A-TECH Side Penutup Khusus

It was a solid build more than I imagined.Some Crack (surface) There was a chipp...

A-TECH Bingkai Slider

Easy installation. Wished it was slightly longer so that it would protect the re...

A-TECH Bingkai Panas Garda

I installed it in Honda X4. There are similar products such as Active and Habit ...

A-TECH Rear Brake Tank Pengawal

"Rear brake tank guard (FRP / Black) "was installed."TaGu (Taguch...

A-TECH Atas Cowl STD

Title As stitching is required for processingDry carbon so I think there are ind...

A-TECH Air Penutup Cleaner Side

I installed it on my senior's ZrX 1100. Manufacturer who always takes delive...

A-TECH drive Rantai Garda

Installation is very easy by saying Chain guard of type fixed with Screw. I boug...

A-TECH bawah Cowl SPL

After installationBody → Intermediate Exhaust System Contact part burnsInstallat...

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