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RS Taichi

Ranked 17 of 1,795 brands  di Sarung tangan
(1,044 Ulasan Pelanggan)
Sangat bagus
Situs resmi

RS TAICHI is the leading apparel manufacturer in Japan. Their high quality in racing suits is loved by worldwide riders and is succeeded to riding jackets. Its smart shape and design is tremendously popular.

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RS Taichi RSJ707 MOTOREK Winter Jacket

I purchased L Size at 172 cm, 63 kg.Up to 12 ° C in January It was comfortable on this Jacket on Under ArmorColdGEAR + Nell Shirt in the morning ~ evening on the day of minimum 0 ° C.Naked person, col...

RS Taichi RSY549 WP Cargo Selama Pants

I have been wearing the Panther Dough's cold weather Jeans up to now, but I decided to try the Nylon system without being able to endure the cold. I also thought about All seasons' Dry master,...

RS Taichi Sarung tangan RST619 Zona Musim Dingin

It is the largest Large Size, but my fingers are long and thick, so it's somewhat cramped but there is no more Size so I can only get used to it.The cold weather is good.

RS Taichi Fleece Face Mask

Feel good, cold weather, excellent windshield. I feel a little steamy inside the breathing mouth but I think that it can not be helped. Attention is necessary as Shield becomes easy to cloud when wear...

RS Taichi Matrix Selama Pants

Winter overpants with excellent windproof and warm
Waist is comfortable and movement is free
I am willing to buy it again in the cold winter months.

RS Taichi RSS009 OutDry BOA Kuda Sepatu

The comfort is quite good with a feeling of Fit.I do not want raging shoes, I highly recommend it to those who usually want to wear it.If there is one drawback Shift change Left The Rubber part of the...

RS Taichi RSP041 12V Kendaraan Cable Connection Se...

TURBOMODE can be used and you can use the warmth of e-HEAT without worrying about time.When Wiring is cold, it gets softer and less flexible.It is a pity that the connection of the plug plugs in with ...

RS Taichi RSP041 12V Kendaraan Cable Connection Se...

The warmth is Number one. Rather.It is high. It's too expensive.. As high as Battery. Please keep it below 2000 yen.The Cap of the terminal on the side connected to Battery is too loose and it is ...

RS Taichi RSJ705 Bronx Kulit All Season Jacket

I tried on it at once.. 169? / I bought M Size at 65 kg.The wearing feeling is perfect fit, but if you leave Inner attached, Chest Protector will not be attached.Because Inner is unexpected, because i...

RS Taichi Gloves Thermotron batin

It is very thin and smooth. Provide the comfortable feeling.
It would not very tight even wear the gloves at the same time.
But it cannot feel warm during cold weather...

RS Taichi RSP104 Cepat Berdiri

I bought it for Tire exchange and ChainMaintenance.From the result it is very easy to use.D ○ Even compared with C's, it is making it sturdier and there is a sense of security. Although hydraulic ...

RS Taichi Peta Tank Serambi 0,3

Although I also use Navigation for a long distance, the map is perfect for grasping the overall sense of distance and directionIt is a Touring mapple that I always put in SeatBack, but the one on Tank...

RS Taichi RSA020 Gantungan Kunci

Nice key chain from RS Taichi, made from rubber so it wong scratch on your motorcycle dashboard or any metal part such as gasoline tank.

RS Taichi RSP104 Cepat Berdiri

Purchase Maintenance work of WR 250 R.I also thought of other Manufacturers, but took a sense of stability and made it Thailand.For Tire exchanges and car wash, there is nothing with Lift Stand and it...

RS Taichi Taichi Pants Hanger

Purchased for Leather pants. With ordinary Hanger you can not endure weight and it will bend. There is cheap, but RSThailand Ji has RSThailandchi. It is strong because it is SteelHanger.Because it is ...

RS Taichi Peta Tank Serambi 0,3

Tank Bag with too high height can not be used for Sports type motorbike that is in a leaning posture so purchase this productIn the GSX - R 600, the compatibility with the Tank shape is bad, and the p...

RS Taichi Olahraga Slim Side Bag 0,40

I used a 12L Seat bag for day trips but it became full and I thought about the size up of the Seat bag, but I wanted to avoid having too much center of gravity, so I bought Side bag We considered the ...

RS Taichi Peta Tank Serambi 0,3

Small I will not enter much except MappleR. Wallet with cache card etc. I am afraid of the influence of Magnet. If it folds, it seems likely to be Rain jacket. If you push it in a little more.. I thin...

RS Taichi Kursi Besar Bag 0,30

Since the fabric is solid and it is making it low flat, even if it is attached, the style will not get worse.There are individual differences, but luggage will be included if it is about 12 nights aff...

RS Taichi RSP104 Cepat Berdiri

I used it with XR 400 R, but I tried purchasing various Manufacturers but I think Thailand Chi was still the best. If you grab hang, you can easily Lift up without putting too much force, and stabilit...

RS Taichi T. Mark Sticker

I think that it was good to order. I am thinking to put this on when the weather is good from now on.I did not write about Large, I was worried, but it was exactly Large Kimono.

RS Taichi T. Mark Fluorescent Sticker

I can not say much because the price is price, but Size is Small according to other reviews.Since things are well done, only Size notation is surprising. (Only here is whether improvement is required)

RS Taichi T. Mark Sticker

I've been using a single colored helmet, so I chose size S2 to decorate it.Since it was a set of two pieces, I could paste it on both sides of my helmet.I have always liked this TAICHI design, but I w...

RS Taichi T. Mark Sticker

When written as Taichi Yoshimura instead of RS TAICHI, he likes the Design of this Sticker [ from ]. It considers and depends, and I am that (42 mm in width) small, and want you to indicate a Size.The...

RS Taichi T. Mark Sticker

It is a Size exactly good for sticking on the back of the head of a Helmet nonchalantly.There is likely to be durability.

RS Taichi Helm Remover

I use it when I run Circuit.It is supposed to be easy to remove from others, such as when it can not move due to falling etc..Circuit I think that you should buy it if you run.There is nothing better ...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

I purchased it because it is necessary for Mini bike race. I do not compare it with other things, but it seems that there is no big difference in the gap, so I feel satisfied with the good touch and c...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

I was addicted to Circuit driving and purchased properly in preparation for falling down..I touch it with a thin Mesh Material and it is smooth..Although I used it in the summer, Helmet's interior...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

For emergency, I use it by daily commuting.Since the number of washing the interior of Helmet decreasesIt is also active outside the original purpose.Even with a hand wash, I will dry in the evening w...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

I think that it is Items I would like to have if I run Circuit. Protector is also Large Off, but Remover is also about Large Off.Fit feeling is not so bad. It is impression that there is neither good ...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

Regulation in the Mini bike race is also often strongly recommended.Because it is not expensive goods, let's use it if possible.I think that it stands quite well in the hot season.Because it's...

RS Taichi Helm Remover

It purchases for Race participation in the war. I think that the thing of other Manufacturers may be sufficient as long as it is cheap.

RS Taichi Helm Remover

Since it was required for the race, he bought it. Since it is protective gear, when it wears, it is like [ water polo ] a player, but is it unavoidable? This product was adjustable, and although I had...

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