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amon has a huge line up of customizing parts to repair parts. Don't forget to check them out before you start your maintenance!

amon Putaran Crimp Terminal

In the case where Minus is a muzzle terminal due to attachment of a post-attachment electric component etc.It is always replaced with the terminal of this round hole.Accuracy of installation, and even...

amon Coupler 2-Kutub (dengan Lock · 110-Type)

Purchase to Cancellation Side StandSwitchI switched the sister to another one by footpeg exchange, but since I forget to switch back, it will be effective, so connect same shape here.If you go to Akih...

amon Coupler 2-Pole

【What made you decide the purchase?】I installed it in MT-09 of the 2014 model.ETC and LED Headlight Bulbetc. By attaching the outside part of Blinker, White Coupler of Blinker was pushed and it became...

amon Menyampaikan

"Battery, Relay is essential for Trouble prevention of electrical system" It taught from the direction of Maintenance and understanding how to understand while suffering the mechanism, "...

amon Lampu LED

【What made you decide the purchase?】- I wanted a Lamp for confirmation because I was worried whether I was moving even though I added a fan switch but pushing Button. I was looking for Emon when I was...

amon Tiga LED datar

I installed it on the Rear box of a cheap article with 2007 MONKEY installed.Easy because Wiring only interrupts Stop-lamp and Earth.Rear box Because of the removal, the connection with the car body w...

amon Mini datar Jenis Fuse Power Supply

Basically it's easy to install because it just plugs in.In case of HORNET's Fuse box, you can install but the lid did not stop.It forced me to close but it made me feel uneasy.I was able to ea...

amon Menyampaikan

Until now, the electrical system was sparse so I always installed it in a direct way. However, in a community, a diary of various people etc etc. I felt the necessity and I bought it.Installation, Ins...

amon Singkat Fuse Set

Because I inadvertently skipped Fuse, purchased for ReplacementFuse.The gold amount is reasonably cheap and it is just right to arrange reserve.

amon ban Lever

SpoonType Quantity : Supplementarily used for 2pcI think that it is so thick to use this for Main because it is thick.If it is OffTire, SpoonType is easy to use.

amon Gauge Air

Rugged and durable design thanks to the rubberized cover, a well-readable scale. Accurate measurement data. Perhaps only BAR scaling is missing, but it can be used anyway.
Sincerely, Zsolt Lukovics

amon Gauge Air

I was using EmonAir gauge for over 10 years, but the air leakage became intense and I was thinking about replacing it.I also looked up other companies' products, but the COSPA was also well evalua...

amon Gauge Air

Unfortunately, the product arrived only after 5 weeks, with the economical small package delivery, carefully packed. The air pressure meter is massive, demanding, easy to operate and works properly. G...

amon Plug Wrench

Since there is only a special tool, the neck of Wrench moves, so it is easy to use where there are angles, deep back. The price was not high, it was good. It's fine but it was cheaper than the nei...

amon Plug Wrench

Since the engine plug of Honda Today AF61 is in a position where Frame covers and it is difficult for a straight plug wrench to enter the head of the plug, I bought this plug wrench and used it. Altho...

amon Plug Lock Power Supply Socket

Be embarrassedI did not know the Socket with locking mechanism.Due to vibration and shock so farWhat was the concern of loosening and falling out?.Electric power to ETC, Navigation is a big success in...

amon Power Supply Socket

I bought it to install DriveRecorder, but it was very easy to take power from Fuse part and connect Cigarlet Socket.CigaretteSocket can also be fixed so I think that it is one of the advantages that t...

amon Set Finishing Finishing Angin

【What made you decide the purchase?】Cheap price and purpose【How was it actually used?】A Vortex generator that provides a turbulent flow at the boundary with the air to delay delamination of the air fl...

amon Tusukan Ban Repair Kit

【What made you decide the purchase?】 If you learn the procedure you can easily repair it【How was it actually used?】 Compared to the one we have not used so far, since we are using Ratchet which can lo...

amon Gauge Air

Funarena, how it was used, when air pressure was first measured, everyone was missing, Tire's Inflator was Large strange after that (-_-;)Although the part to be stabbed is movable, it is hard to ...

amon Segitiga peringatan

Since a private vehicle was not equipped, it purchased.
When carrying out an urgent stop by failure, lack of gasoline, etc. on a highway, it has been having to install the stop drop material of a tr...

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