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Merek Top

I do not want to go bad with the Hard protector and I am anxious about the no Protector.
One item I bought at such time.
I am putting it in my elbow and knee.

40 km from Corner / h, the rear wheel rides on Manhole and slips and falls over.
Landing from the elbow to the ground Slide. Wear on elbow at Winter jacket, there should be a gird, but my elbow hurt for about 3 weeks so I could not move it much. Although it may have had a light Crack in the bones, it is unknown because it has not gone to the hospital - -. It can not be used as Protector. It would be fine to use a couple of piles, but it is safe after exchanging with Hard. We recommend choosing to protect yourself.

Laflow, GREEDY, Protector of full length and width with Universality that can also be used.
At this price you can buy peace of mind Cospa is the highest. When you buy Jacket mostly Light series PRO Tetter comes with you, so you can exchange it to Hard without hesitation.

It is attached to Rantshandandi's Pants.

Is it a bit heavier than Thailand's Standard Product.

There are countless protrusions on the hemisphere about 5 mm in diameter on the inside for ventilation.
Previously, my knees were pushed against this and it got pain very much.
But this was because Knee grip could not be done.
It hardly hurts after putting Tank Pad.
However, I wanted you to have a slightly knee-friendly ventilation structure.

Not a bad quality, but my height is 1m 88cm and I'm not a fat but big man. For my hands, the length of the velcro adjuster straps is short. When I put on the elbow protectiors that it is difficulty Not very comfortable, very presse. The lengthof the velcro adjuster should be made longer by at least 1 cm, then it will be excellent.

It is ReturnRider.
Previously, there was only for Off-RoadProtector, but.
Thinking of age "A storm in the forefront" I decided to prepare as.
Komine products which are lost in various ways and bad evaluations are also found, but I think that it is most suitable for those who are riding Motorcycle for the first time or ReturnRider who takes a long absence.

Product image is fixed Belt 1 pc but FreeSize is Quantity : It is 2 pc.
There are also impressions that Sleeve 's cuffs are too hard to use, but my arm (Circumference diameter about 21 cm) It will not be such a situation as long as it is attached to.

BeltQuantity : In addition to 2pc, Sleeve, elbow CupReverse side and Sleeve Inside the cuffs are antislip processing which seems to be Silicon, so if you properly install it, I do not think there will be any big gap.

Previously I used something with Protector, but I was looking for a dedicated elbow. When collecting information around us it was hardmaterial at the part where the elbow was hit and protection from rocks and hard things was high, but I heard that it is inevitable that Gap is inevitable. So I did not have any friends using this product so I bought it and tried it. As rumored, those with firm Protection on the elbow gradually gap to the wrist side. Are you devised how to attach everyone?

Only people with thin arms can be attached
Especially the length of Magic tape on the top is too short
Magic tape peels off as you bend your arms even with bare skin.
Even though it is not particularly tempered, nor is the arm thinner so this
It is impossible to wear it very much from above the clothes.
Whether it would be useless if it was not a slimming person.
I should try on it before trying to buy it
It is not possible to return because it is opened (' - ω - `)