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The strength of the gold part is very weak
If you try to pinch a thick thing even a little, the gold tool will be broken easily.
I tried to stop the same Komine made Over Pants
As with other reviewers, the gold accessory has become useless
I converted it to Garbage before use.
I contacted support of webike and had it replaced with initial malfunction
As for the product after replacement as well, the gold tool became useless, became Garbage before use.
Wearetc. Only for Manufacturer who is issuing a good product
Large I will not regret it. It is a necessity improvement.

Design - I like the texture, but it is tight whether my neck is thick. Of course, because it is StretchMaterial, it stretches, but since I was imaging the feeling like BUFF, I guess it's a bit different - - - When. I tried rolling it even on my head, but my temple was tightened and I was dizzy.
I only have One size, so I think it is good for women and SMART people.

Jacket's Inner with Large body Inner is installed inside Outer and can not be used with Single Body, but this Jacket is Fleece Parka and can be used with Single Body.
Jacket for Motorcycle is heavy with Protector in it and I think it will take off during breaks and walks, but for Jacket you do not need to bring a coat separately.
It's easy to use for Motorcycle which can not increase luggage so much.
Also, if we adopt DRYSTAR Waterproof moisture-permeable fabric and a little rain, we do not need Rain Suit.
Size selected S.
Height of 168 cm, chest circumference is 88 cm, the circumference of the shoulder is a little slow, but the length and length of the sleeve are just right.
The sense of Size is like M of HYOD = S of Alpine Star.
Also, because the shoulder Protector of Standard Equipment is thick, you can afford to shoulder around by thin Thailand tunes or D3O.

good point
- Inner can be used with Single Body
Just take off the outer at Touring destination, OK, the outerwear should bring this one clothes
- Waterproof
If it rains a little, Rain Suit is needed
- With Ventilation
There is an opening-and-closing type Ventilation in the armpit, and adjustment is effective against the temperature
- Protector uses Standard Equipment
Shoulder and elbow are attached with Protector of CELevel 1.

A bad point
- Back Protector Urethane pad
Because it is a consolation Pad that is in Jacket of Manufacturer of Large Man, so haste, replacement
I'd recommend it..
Also, since the size of Pocket is subtle, the range of selection is small.
The company's Nucleon kr-1i or Mi size of 2i is entered.
- Waterproof Zipper is also not a place
While being Waterproof, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Pocket and sleeves are not water stoppers Zipper
- I can not wear Chest Protector
Other Jacket of the company has ProtectorPocket, but this Jacket does not have it.
Since there is no Attachment, it must be a Chest Protector with with BeltSingle Item.
Improve by sewing Velcro to Jacket.

I think that Simple is good for those who are not good at Jacket of BALIBALI, with Logo.
Functions are also complete, so we can use 3 Season other than summer with this one wear so Cost performance is also good.

After exchanging the Exhaust System of my favorite car BOLT Shoulder Bag with Bassani's Radial Sweeper, I got the Right foot thigh as hot as it is hot, so I bought it as a countermeasure.

RadialSweeper comes with a Heat Guard, but when it comes to Design, it makes no sense, but when touching Jeans it burns and it seems to be burned and it is dangerous, so if you put this ChapsType Heat Guard on the Right foot and try it on, the heat is relieved Once I contacted the Exhaust System, I never burned down because the leather was tough. However, since it is just grounded for just a moment, there may be a possibility that it will scorch if contact time gets longer even in a few seconds.

Leather quality with very reasonable price, very solid quality, because it's Free Size Velcro can adjust 4 stages according to the thigh size Size, Belt side is also convenient because you can adjust the 2 steps with Dot button.

Pocket with flap is a large size and Large Wallet exactly enters Size and I think that it is suitable for putting Small money and Ticket in the upper Coin pocket. Design is also Holster like and Parenthesis so I am satisfied!

Either way DEGNER's product is a recommendation because it does not disappoint..

It is JAPAN, it seems to be sturdy with thickness.
It is different from cheap piece of bread LePera.
I have not used it at all yet, but I feel like it lasts long.
It is good that there are plenty of Pocket.
I think whether it is necessary, but I think whether it is better than not enough.
It feels expensive, but JAPAN, limited items, thick Denim series are also priced at that price, is it reasonable for your idea?
If you last long, you can get the original. (Rather than buying a cheap number many times)

It is possible to use it for most Pants regardless of the type of Pants. Although it was in the item explanation, in the case of my leather Pants, it was about 3 mm in thickness, it could not be installed. On the contrary, the gold tool became useless in one shot, and it became a noncombustible garbage before using it.
Compared to the Belt width, the gold tool looks poor as Small. G pan (1mm) It seems to be a product assuming a degree, but since it is a product of Motorcycle Supplies Manufacturer, I wanted it to be a robust product that can also correspond to leather Pants.

I made a purchase because the Waist of Leather pants is getting loose and a little thin..
I still do not know durability, but as soon as I tried to install it on Pants, the gold fitting the Pants got ruined.
Part of the gold piece bent when holding a little effort and pressing the gold tool with your fingers.
I managed to repair it with Pliers somehow, but I want you to use a firm Material as it can be a bit more expensive.

It seems that Belt is thick and firm and it is likely to be durable, but the gold part does not match the size of Belt and it seems to be weak. Continue to use If you have sufficient durability and strength, I think that you can purchase it from next time onwards.
I think that the feeling of use and ease of use are the same as ordinary Suspender, but wearing this product and wearing Jacket etc is troublesome and troublesome to remove every time at Toilet.
Personally I think that the amount of gold is a bit high. I think that it is easy to buy if it is a gold amount of around 1500 yen.