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I am using it for carburetor maintenance of SR 400.

I am using it for OEM's BSR 33 carburetor and YOSHIMURATMR-MJN 40.

Driver that can not be used in common with these two is a hex socket for main jet desorption. This is simply because the shape of the main jet is different, I think that it will be useful for attaching / detaching the matching main jet.

Another short slotted screwdriver for Main jet desorption can be used for BSR 33 if you want to use it, but since Size is not Exactly, I do not use it. Since TMR's main jet is different in size at all, it can not be used.

Both of the carburetor and the Float chamber Bolt are made to do with 3 mm Hex wrench so you can use 3 mm Hex Driver. However, after tightening with Hexagonal Wrench, if you try to loosen it with this Driver, it depends on the force of the finger, but it can not be loosened honestly. In the first place, since the part of the Rubber cover slips and idly turns, it removes it and uses it. Even if you remove it, because it is a Gold component that was Knurl-processed, it will make it easier to apply force. As Rubber cover minute, the diameter becomes smaller, Lever becomes weaker, but it is much better than slipping.

Slotted screwdriver for adjusting the Pilot screw can be used most. It is useful not only for Pilot screw but also for desorption of Pilot Jet. Length is exactly good. In this case you can replace the Pilot Jet with the carburetor attached to the Motorcycle without changing the orientation of the carburetor. Especially, TMR which contains Pilot Jet in the cylinder is easy to use at its best.

Depending on the vehicle you use, I think the margin of space around the carburetor is completely different. Even SRs that are relatively free of space around the carburetor can not set the carburetor with just this Screwdriver Set as expected.

To the end, considering it as a tool for support, there is always a scene that can be used, and it is a good place to have a price affordable.

If you have this set when changing the setting of carburetor during Touring, it will be quite saved, so make sure to put it in the mobile Tools Set.

In the first place, Carbonuretor's Pilot screw is stuck firmly in Large strange, trying to forcibly turn it without noticing that it is sticking will damage Wrench. It is also the same for expensive Manufacturer OEMWrench. People who use this to break will probably also damage Manufacturer OEMWrench. Finally, a word, choosing Koboshi brush.

Grip part is hard to grasp with Rubber and it is hard to use exquisitely and Torque which is not attached is not applied ...
Well, there seems to be people who can use it ... I personally do not recommend it much.

Impre street on the front side will break soon.
I also thought that I should change Objection and change it, but it seems to break soon as well
Request improvement of durability m (__) m

It is very usable.
I often feel a bit of some backlash
Because there is a difference in the standard of the target part
That is it, so I think that there is no way to do it.
Although it is a texture of price as though it is fluffy
If I take more fruit than I look, I do not think I will betray expectations.

When trying to rotate the Pilot screw with an ordinary tool, it is possible to adjust it with the engine wrapped, after removing the Seat, removing the tank, removing the Throttle Wire, etc. and tilting the carburetor.
Although there are no graduations, I think that it is one of the few Items that can also cope with carburetor Clearance intense semi Motorcycle.

Until now I had scraped a slender Driver and removed Jet from carburetor, but this time the carburetor stuck firmly but stuck firmly. Since I have something to do in the future, I purchased it to use a special tool.
I immediately tried it out without licking it.
Because it was Pilot Jet in the back of a tubular Body, I was relieved safely because I was not afraid to lick it when I licked it.
Size I used to replace the tip of the difference with a hand grip, so I was worried about the strength of the plug-in, but I also seem to be able to use the force for the time being.

I'd like to turn the Pilot screw, but I think it's a bit insufficient. I have bought about two cracks ahead. I am sorry if it makes you cheaper with Rose ...