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I felt like I saw an article with BALI in the insertion hole of oil level adjustment plate in other impressions, but there was no such trouble and it was enough for work. However, since the scale is difficult to read, I measured the Size on the scale and used it. Nevertheless there is no problem so it is enough.

GaugePipe did not pass through the hole of the gold tool.
The cause was solved by rubbing with lock screw hole BALI, Drill
Since there was this case quality - The texture is 3
Ease of use will be together, but with one hand Gauge - FFork is fixed
Because I draw Syringe with the other hand
I wonder if it is easy to fix Fork and Gauge.

It is very hard to use with the synergistic effect below.
- Syringe is stiff, it hardly moves even if it pulls full of eyes
- Needle of oil level measurement? (Cylinder entering Fork) Is not fixed, it is difficult to measure accurately
- Oil level value is ambiguous, scale is attached, but it is hard to see, eventually measured with Vernier calipers

It is very hard to use, I hope improvement.

Because it is rarely used Tool, I bought this affordable product.

The feeling of use was also no particular problem, the oil level could be adjusted.

The scale is roughly matched, but I wanted to make an accurate oil level adjustment, so I measured it with a ruler and worked.

Spec of Spec. I used it for the change. The mm increment of the rod was accurate and it was easy to adjust the oil level. However, because there is not my power as a difficulty, syringe needs a lot of power to suck up Oil used.

I bought it because the price was cheap. I can not compare because I have not used any other products, but I think it's fine. It is a product that you can use with confidence.

I bought it to exchange the suspension Oil of the WR 250R.
Well I need it enough.
Since it is not such a high one, I hope to put it in Garage
Is it not.

Since there is no millimeter display with a scale of 1 cm, it becomes the visual quantity. Ease of use is not a problem and price is cheap so we do it.. You can make it by your own making, but I think that it is a bargain if this price is around.