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There is too much play in making products, which is inconvenient. There is an error of 1 mm from 0 to 40 mm in display of measurement, and it is impossible to accurately measure the oil level.

Since the Head part attached from the beginning can not be replaced, if there is no Space it can not be used. It was a mistake to purchase thinking that the head part attached at the beginning can also be exchanged. At my XR BAJA there is an Engine Starter Motor under the Pilot screw, I thought I'd enter Limit, but the space did not come in without it. Head part is about 32 mm.

Depending on the type of Carburetor, the position of Screw may be downward, and it can not be turned by a normal Driver. So I bought this tool. It is convenient to use even one shot Engine even 2 to 4 shots.

In normal maintenance, Jet's holes are scratched and treated as large as Large, so they are not used and treated with chemical.

Just take the dirt stubbornly stuck unless you get on it for a long time and chemical treatment. As with Needle Size that was not a Taper but a thin hard stick with a hole diameter was able to clean up to the back of Jet.

It is not a thing to use frequently, but it is a troublesome tool if it is missing.

Main unit of NS 125 R manufactured by Honda Italy - Because Jet could not be used, in the hurry, detail cleaning.

The tip part is thinning and it is perfect for cleaning the clogged hole.

However, since it is in the File form, the latest attention is required so that the hole does not become larger than necessary excessively.

Easy to use, affordable place is the best !!

When I did maintenance of carburetor, I always had a hard time.
If you are watching Bae's Web, I think that there are such good things
I bought it.
Since there are various Size, Maintenance in the future seems to be easier.

I bought it for carburetor's Maintenance lick.
I tried using it by saying that I cleaned a hole called a hole
The thinnest 0. There was a hole that could not fit even with 40 mm
0. I think that it would have been good if things of 40 mm or less were also attached.
Good tool as I think that it can also be used other than carburetor
I think so!

Shared when doing maintenance and restore dozens of people with multiple people in school days
I bought it as a tool of. I think the price has not changed from the past.

I think it is normal to do with a cotton swab, but if it is a cotton swab, it can not be removed,
Cotton Garbage is easy to get out. When the cotton swab is cleaning the cylinder part of Valve seat
I wonder if I can use it.
Because it is a stick of wood, the angle is not right, so it is slightly strict, scrape it like a Taper
Even so it collapses so so it is not good.

In that respect Seat cleaner is sticking an exquisite line. Hardness and accuracy
Good. Large resistance will not be beautiful with a single shot, but if you glide gently, it will be beautiful
Become. There are still some polishing effects, but Seat that got hurt
I can not return it.. Note this point.
(I will glitter it by attaching a fine compound to the original.. )

I think that Material is oil resistant Nylon, but it becomes scratch and stepped wear
It is hard..
Just because it can not be used forever, exchange is necessary if you use it hundreds of times,
At that time I can not buy it at Rose because it hurts. Because it is expensive, I buy it every time in Set
It is tough..
Well, since it is possible to use it without any wear and scratches, if it is individual Youth
It may not be necessary to buy Spare.