Baju Casual Sepeda Motor

Produk Terbaru

Mainly purchase in the room. Material is a fairly thick fabric and may not be released in the coming season. YamahaColor's Blue feels a little tight, but I like it mostly.

I am wearing it on a daily Motorcycle commute. (9 / Fukuoka city from 20)
【What made you decide the purchase?】
It became chilly with short sleeve YShirt, looking for Wind Breaker
I knew that it was sold by KUSHITANI and it promptly decided.
【How was it actually used?】
Sounds good. Material of cuffs, Zipper which shifted center, etc.
It is thought well as a windproof jacket for Motorcycle.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
Purchase Size is L. Height 170cm Weight 67Kg Chest circumference 96cm
There is little room to wear on YShirt. It's OK without flaps.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
nothing special.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
nothing special.
【Have you compared items?】
There is none. Wind breaker for Motorcycle with KUSHITANI
I found it, so I did not look for other Manufacturer.
With the included storage bag you can carry it to Compact.
Compact, diameter 9 cm, Length about 20 cm (See photo)

Hood flutters, but if you narrow down the friction part of Rubber strings you will not mind so much.
The function as Wind Breaker is enough, I think that it is convenient to have it in spring and autumn.

However, although it is written as Packable, nothing to write or how to fold is not described.
The fringe mouth is also very small so you can put it in the mucky shield, but I think that it will not hurt to put it in another container as usual.
It would be better to think that the pucker pull function is an ornament.

In addition to the original Motorcycle Riding, I think that it is a stylish item that can be used under Casual Jacket as WIND Block. The impression which looks like Motorcycle wear is also thin, and it is GOO that is nothing more than anything not to bulk even if you use it everyday wear ~ ♪ (From the texture and functions, if it is a bit cheaper it is even better !!)

It realizes comfortable warmth and warmth as if wearing a blanket Front fastenerSpec.

I tried buying it by seeing the selling complaint with.

The table is a looking fabric like Jersey but soft.
Back brushed bristles with short hair (Fleece type).
I do not feel like wearing a blanket, but it's easy to move and warm.
Stretch fabric for Motorcycle, Draping but also affordable because it is affordable, so Yuko Fleeceetc. I think that it looks better than buying.

Since Material is not Fleece, I was wondering if it was warm at the beginning,
It certainly is not cold when wearing it.
I wore this on the T-Shirt and wore it on the Leather jacket and ran in the cold rain in November
It was hot and sweaty.
Because electric heating wear is unexperienced, it can not be compared, but I think Cost performance is very good.
I can use it as casual wear, I want another one (It looks like Manufacturer is no longer in stock this year).

I think that it is good in terms of design, but the fabric is thin anyway and the cold weather is quite low.
It is ineffective as a winter weather Inner.
I am disappointed when I buy it with Image of WarmRideShirt of old MODEL.

The first thing I felt was that the fabric was thin ~. There were no complaints if it was a little thick fabric, but I also have another Honda's Parka, but the fabric is also diluted. Those who are worried it would be better to take real products at stores etc. before purchase.
Design is not too flashy and it feels nice. However, the logo of HRC on the back hides in Hood, so that point is Minus evaluation. If you place it around the hem of your back you will not hide in Hood, but ...