Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Produk Rekomendasi

The cygnus X FI 09 Taiwan sporty was attached and used.
Although the die length of the pure cable was insufficient for the long wheel base, it was canceled with this product.
It is recommended!

GPZ250R It is used for bar handle specification (^^) It is Good!

It was used for [Webike-monitor] CB400SF SPECIII.
It becomes pure to the almost same die length.
If it is a direction damaged by itself and attachment does not come out with a service manual, it is dramatically serious about CB400SF SPECIII.
I think that it is good to leave it to a pro as long as the tool is assembled to some extent and there is no confidence in work since it is not attached unless it removes a carburetor.

Although the object for DR-Z was purchased, the die length of the metal fittings (banana) attached to the axel side was different, and the degree of setting angle had bent.
It is safer for deleting by a file grinder etc. to have needed to be processed, and to purchase an original manufacturer's product, since it cannot attach as it is.

It was the structure which carried out the well just like pure.
Large satisfaction!

It purchases to CB750F INTEGRA.
Since the clutch wire was old, it decided to exchange.
Compared with the new article, the removed old wire deteriorated fairly and was hard.
Probably, it was almost a life, since it had used this and that for ten years or more, although used lubricating briskly.
The operation became light clearly after exchange.
When not changing the clutch wire what year, or when a discontinued car is purchased in medieval times, aren't they the components which may consider exchange first?
I think that it is a portion which operativity improves but certainly cheaply.
It seems that in addition, such a thing cannot be found and it can use for this product although it has written clearly A bol d'or integra is excluded in the package.
It was the completely same actually die length as my integra being pure, and even if checked with the parts list, the bol d'or was also the same parts number.

Although there were the same goods also as a kitaco, since surface texture was disagreeable, the takegawa was used.
Appearance is O.
It just said that it was not too bad.

Although the number had seldom come out, and goods of this sort strayed with Mr. Kitaco's thing, the texture of surface preparation regarded them as this product being more beautiful, and carried out them here.
Appearance is actually better than Mr. Kitaco's thing.