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It is touch also with a usage feeling smart appearance and sufficient.

Winter Gloves So it's impossible to seek much for Fit feeling. Moreover, although it is impossible to seek excessive heat retention, it is a long way to go. I have enough Touring with this.

At the temperature near freezing point, the fingertips become cold in about 10 minutes, but Level which can tolerate because commuting of about 30 minutes on one way is the main use. Waterproof property is satisfactory. It is Soft on the back of the hand, but Protector is attached and it is highly safe. As expected, Komine is seriously expensive and COSPA is expensive.

RSThailand Ji's Gloves, Mesh, Leather, Electric Winter and various other favorite,
I wanted Shorter Length Winter Gloves this time and tried purchasing.
Until now it was Must Just fit, so considering the use of Inner Gloves,
L Size is chosen, it is not as big as I thought it felt the finger became a little longer with the conventional M.
Using Inner Gloves seems a little difficult.
Ease of use is complain, but when I ran about 30 degrees Celsius at around 7 degrees Celsius, I ran cold from my fingertips.
Since the palm part is sweaty, I wanted another idea.
The point that smaho can be used is convenient, but I think it is difficult to use for a long time with high speed use.
Although it may be good for those who place importance on town riding center, operability,
For emphasis on cold weather, recommended for long-term premises we recommend electrothermal Gloves.

I used ski gloves in the winter, but I bought gloves because I was uncomfortable. I was satisfied with the selection of the s-size because it was small and I am expecting it to be very warm and it is different from low price.

Lever operation is difficult because my fingertip is too much.
My fingers are too cold.
Adjustment of wrist is too little and detachment is irritated.
It may be used if it is about Scooter of the original.

It is the largest Large Size, but my fingers are long and thick, so it's somewhat cramped but there is no more Size so I can only get used to it.
The cold weather is good.

The cold weather performance is a temperature of 1 to 2 ° C for about 30 minutes It is not as comfortable as the fingertips coming in due to town ride commuting to work..
It may be more expensive at that time or faster.
Fit feeling Operability is still thick, so Clutch operation should be allowed. Somewhat palm side is thinly made. Also, the inner fabric and the outer fabric slide and care about Axel operation. I would like this to be the biggest big issue for Season next..
From a comprehensive viewpoint, it is good to incorporate various Ideas such as fingertips Cover, Windshield wiper, Anti-vibration, but there is a feeling of air swing.
Because it will not be used in case of rain Gore-Texetc. Waterproof function unknown. Since I can sweat it can not be steamed, the moisture permeability function is good.
I am luxurious, such as making and using Gore-Tex, Thinsulate but sorry ~