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HJC CL-ST KUREIBU Red L size was equipped.
It is the dark smoke corresponding to a pin lock.
The clear parts attached small are the pins for pin lock sheets.
There is also a shield fixed switch in a pure clear shield.
Although it is dark smoke, outside can be seen firmly.
A clear shield is attached, or since it is dangerous if it disappears, let's carry out a shield to open and ride in the inside of a tunnel, or the night.
Since exchange of a shield can be performed in one-touch, it is very an easy.
A tool is unnecessary.
When purchasing, let's check whether it is pin lock correspondence.
I was wrong and have bought a correspondence shield (smile).

It is a pin lock sheet for the C-49 PINLOCK shield of HORNET-DS.

It attached to full face helmet X-TWELVE of SHOEI.
It is satisfactory.
It is very pleasing.

It attached to [Webike monitor] K1300R.
Attachment was only exchanged for the standard shield and was dramatically easy.
I think that they are dramatically high-precision products, such as a hole site of attachment, structure of the whole, and attachment accuracy of a KAGON sheet.
When attaching a standard shield to the upper part of this carbon shield, on both sides of the spacer (rubber spacer 6 mm in inside diameter) of a rubber, it attached in between among shields.
K1300R does not have a very pleasing shield, when a pure sports window shield was seen from a transverse plane, it was surely disagreeable, but I think that the product here matches in K1300R with many [ on the whole ] straight lines very well.
Since about [ which still passes the streets ] has ridden, it does not understand how protection-against-wind nature is, but it may be unexpectedly effective.
(although it will be the difference in an addition grade if compared with a pure sports screen or an external big screen, of course) Although it is five stars without a complaint if a price is cheap and symmetrical now ... Most pleasing [ in the screen changed until now ] at any rate.

I think that a mirror may be stronger.
A face will be transparent and it will be visible.

Very strong structure is carried out.
Before, since the cheap external article was purchased, it became useless immediately and it felt disagreeable, the shield is also using an authentic positive one since then.
I think that the line of a shield also matches on a helmet well.
It is very pleasing although it is an object for its wives.

They are fr, the elegance which may be cheap, and recommended goods a word.

Purchase price is cheap and can be easily cashed One point custom! Sticker is also Quantity on 1 Seat : 1 Set of 4pcs. Even if it fails, Large is durable (Lol) SHOEI 's Shield was easy to decide the reference point for pasting the sticker other than. Sticker is stuck before degreasing, it is positioned and pasted by Masking tape. It was a very easy task.