Bearing Swingarm

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Merek Top

Since it is absolute necessity when removing a flywheel, we recommend you purchase.

A delightful tool is cheap.
Although rarely used, if it is strained, it bends simply, and a tool will be broken if it does not use often seeing.

Clearly, anything was fine if Front brake could lock.
It was a tool that was not concerned at all, so I chose it by price.
Usability is also normal.
It stops well.

It is said that the installation of Cotter which had been struggling until now becomes so easy.
Cotter installation time is several seconds.
It was too easy to recommend to acquaintances.

Wheel It is convenient to use it when returning Pad slightly, for example when detaching.
Driver etc. I will hurt the Pad side, but here I was able to return with a light power without scratches.

Because it is shaped like a barb at the tip, there is some degree of freedom in the angle of hitting.
In the past, I had used the crushed tip of Slotted screwdriver,
By the way, this one is easier to adjust.
The use feeling is necessary and sufficient if you think about the price, but if you say it, the longer the longer the longer
I think that it was easy to use.

SpringQuantity : 2pc I tried to pull it as I tried to wear it. I wonder if I used to buy it again if it was 30 yen. Using Point.

Since BalanceFreeFork of GSX - R1000R also had Top cap of 45 mm, it purchased.
I was convinced of the price with the Cut-out of the rain.
Like the Socket wrench's PowerFit, the groove is digging so as not to damage the BoltHead's Edge and it can be likable.