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Merek Top

Since it was not so expensive although the substitute was made from DIY, it purchased.
It uses according to a device.

hexagon socket plug 12.7mm hexagon-head opposite side 5mm product number JH.4AH-05 merchandise-information goods details bar code [ for TONE (Maeda Metal Industries) impact ]: -- a 005186001808 [one-piece] pin and the surface preparation; with an O ring -- blackening

TONE (Maeda Metal Industries) 1/2sq.
Socket 27mm product number JH.4A-27 for impact Merchandise information Details of goods Bar code: 005186001577 With the socket pin ring for 12.7 mm of [one-piece] plug 6 angle impact Surface preparation; blackening

While looking for the lift stands to the D truckers 125, since in play was well received, it purchased.
Instantly, it inserts under a car body to carry out chain maintenance. -- GAA~~N!! It does not enter (^^; It should have a ground clearance of the D trucker 125 at 230 mm, and the the lift stands of DRC must be [ ground clearance of 250 mm or more ] impossible.
What was necessary was just to have checked with the kitchen by description of item.
Since it was unavoidable, side stands were leaned to the fulcrum on left-hand side, and the stand was slid in on foot from right-hand side.
Since it is easy to operate it and Locke is also certainly effective, properly speaking, it is a five stars, but about use of the D trucker 125, it is a two stars.
I wanted you to have lowered a 20 more mm ground clearance.

It is large activity to everyday maintenance!

While moving, it gets disgusted for carrying out an oil difference, and purchases.
It was able to raise to use and serious comfort in CB400SF REVO.
Since paint application of the portion in contact with a ground surface was likely to come off, he bought a thin rubber and it stuck it in the home center.
Since the 5-mm hezagonal wrench for attaching a wheel was not attached, it is *-1.

For 5000 yen, performance is good, and can stabilize and support.
Supposing it gives one difficulties, is it it being weak and being able to be easy to delete paint application?
A problem is not felt in particular other than it.

if it says clearly and KM90 which is a toy is maintained, the construction material from which the portion which has hung the arm bent and the motorcycle has broken down is dramatically weak -- again,
The company of the DAYTONA itself which can do adjustment of width only 2 cm and is not flexible and which must not buy it by any means is suspected.