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Homsen's emphasis on COSPA Neoprene Gloves was useless, so believe and buy Brand.
Because it is a thick material, it is not good at hand switch operation, Clutch operation may require familiarity.

Actually I wanted to decide after looking at the actual thing, but I did not put it in the real shop that I went through, so I dared.
It is mainly for cold weather.
RST626 SONIC Winter Gloves (S Size) I'm going to wear a M Size of this Gloves from the top. First look cute.
I will try to use it in the early morning touring next time and I would like to see if it will be useful for cold weather.

It is a so-called Rubber glove. It is a luxury Rubber glove. So it is Completely Waterproof. I bought Size 12, but it is too big. Even if you wear it from the top of the 2 L Winter Gloves, it's fragile. GE LE MANS I think that it is making it for the huge person of the ethnic hands. In addition, the non-slip of the palm part is irritated with slippery. The fabric is thick and solid

Wanted a well made waterproof glove not a so called waterproof glove that soaks in the rain does not pass it through to the hand but can be very cold to wear.the Kushitani does not allow the rain in so remains warm. They are well made but I was disappointed to see they are made in China,they have a plastic feel to them and they would not offer much crash protection apart from the palm. Over all they are expensive but do the job they are suppose to do and they are Kushitani. I went up a size from my usual L to LL because of japanese sizing but could of got L.

Was using this in a downpour for a 15km trip in the city. My hands are all wet after 20 minutes of riding. Absolutely not waterproof. The waterproof membrane is too thin and very easy to tear.

Quality is always Komine, there is no possibility, sewing is also so absurd.
There is only singing SuperFit recipe, feeling of Fit is really good (... hard enough to get wet)
Manufacturer which properly attached thermo plastic material but Slider properly also does not know at least other than komine

- - - Komine is always a sweet stuff
Waterproof performance has already been pointed out by others
"Outside is soaked, while inside is not wettable for the time being (even if saying it is breathable, its breathability is low and it will gradually get stuffy)"
It is what I said, after repelling with a water repellent with a certain sour smell
I tried fluorinated water-repellent spray three times, but because I was not getting wet with damp
If I had dried it at the entrance on the shoulder part of Rain Wear that I hung on Hanger ...
The part that had fallen from the glove and touched the rain wear is black and it is orz

It is a matter of how to dye the Material, but there is no indication that the color falls will fit even if you wash it or wash it.
Although it is still in the long length and not superior in defense performance to other companies, it is no good putting it at other points.
Next we will change to another company ...

Somewhat, it is stiff and operability drops, but it seems that rain does not soak in about one hour. Therefore, it will be useful in commuting in winter. Conversely, there is no turn in the summer. Although I bought a variety of Rain Gloves, although Waterproof performance is perfect indeed Dry Out etc, this Waterproof performance is unquestionable at this price.

Since it was first used, heavy rains appeared, very heavy, these gloves can hold water seep from the seams, even though I wear wind shields on my motorbike but I am pretty sure that these gloves can withstand the rain. But when I leave in the morning when the temperature is 7 degrees Celsius, over time about 30 minutes fingers I began to feel cold and the longer the cold, I think this material is not able to withstand the cold air