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Safety feeling when driving over long distances is different. Particularly when you are going to sightseeing it is Large Kim Merit that you can install it in ordinary way. You can use it whenever you take it with the idea of ??+ α.

Fit feeling) Because it is adjustable, it can be adjusted to the right position.
Quality texture) It is good
Performance function) Rubber belt or Magic tape I want you to stop, T-Shirt gets scratched when you take off, and it seems that it will come off when accident, I am worried, you can go for 20000 yen, so Protector can fix Buckle I want you to
From the appearance, without saying anything!
Cost performance) It is very cheap against the amount of Protector!

A person of 167 cm 70 kg, you can be easily attached, Riding Pants, the hem is long, the Protector is cold or not, the place is not Deb Size. Result We made it to Protector of this type, because it fixes with Rubber and Magic tape, durability is one year.

Height is 160? And it is Standard type.
I purchased M Size.
I tried wearing from the top of the leggings of the brushed back immediately after arrival.
Fabrics and Pad more familiarly than I thought, there is no sliding feeling.
I tried to bend and stretch my knee.
I like the feeling of Fit very much.
I have not actually worn it in Touring but I'm looking forward to it.

Since I knocked my knee in the moss by suicide bomb in the past, I came to be able to wear it instead of an amulet.
Fortunately I can not test the effect, but I think that it is convenient because it can be easily detached with Magic tape from above Jeans etc..
Also, my knees do not get cold in winter.

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Excellent quality! I'm tall and big, my height is 1 m 88 cm, but for my legs these KOMINE SK-491 Extreme Knee-Shin Protectors are very comfortable, also these ones can be worn under trousers and on trousers. Dear citizens of Japan, I really love you and your country. And it is true. p.s. In advance I apologize for my bad English.