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In touch, touch & effectiveness condition is the highest as brembo truly! While it had been a pure caliper, it was going to make it the Big rotor, but brembo was used drastically and it was a correct answer!

Delivery time was 2 * 3 weeks when ordering,
Delivery date was May 1st after ordering.
Wait for 3 months with this.
I want accurate information. I want a reply.

It is used in conjunction with CarbonPad of former Crab, PROJECT μ. Rear can be used for glum without any problem. Finishing details (chamfering of disc end face etc.) Is very polite unlike other Manufacturer. The effect is perfect. I ran about 5000 kilometers, but it does not seem to be diminishing. It seems to be durable.

Because I was suffering from Piston return which seems to be due to lack of heat capacity of Normal rotor I was considering various things for improvement.


As a result of suffering with the three choices of.

GALE SPEED had a heavy feeling and it was dismissed as the finish was not so beautiful.
Although HRC is thick, it is judged subtle because the number of floating pin does not increase.
So it became SUNSTAR.

I also considered PremiumRACING, but the end face is black finish ...

Installation is unquestionable Bolt-on, because chamfering of Edge part is polite, Caliper's attachment is also hard to get caught It is a good feeling.

Fe Ring at Breaking, but the response of braking force to input has become more linear. At the time of Normal rotor, I thought that this was Large as I was hard to use the back with a reaction like a quadratic curve.
Personally I like the fact that the gorillized Noise at the time of hard braking has decreased, but as the sound that the pad is scraped off is made, it feels like being scraped and smiles and it makes me laugh.

Sales story that I told at the Events booth said at Street youth that he wanted me to inspect 20000 kilometers as a rough guide, I think that I will look at the situation regarding durability from now on.

For reference, NORMAL, Pad is ZCOOCeramic sintered in footwear in SC 59, 2016 (Not Type C) is.

Very nice brake disc~ Cool style. It is much more beatiful than the OEM one. Easy to replace and very fit to install. It is recommend to buy~

NSR50 M12Spec. I use it in the course..
I do not know with the larger circuit Circuit,
There is no distortion after the heat has entered, and it can be used without problems for now.

But orginal super four front break disc is 3.5mm. This sun star is 4mm. I don't know if would damage my break calliper overtime or not. But I trust Japan product. I hope it can last me at least 2-3 years for me. Because orginal breakdisc is not cheap at all!

RotorQuantity : 1pc. It will be 400 g lighter.
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) With 2 pieces, weight reduction under FrontSpring weight of 800 g can be felt clearly.