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Purchased the largest size offered and they were too small. Couldn't even get my hand partially in the glove. Didn't return them because shipping internationally is a real pain in the ass. The gloves themselve, look to be a quality item, just too small.

First I bought L Size, but since Protector hit the back of the back of my hand and it seemed to be a long time to use it, I switched to LLSize using free exchange. The impression of hitting a joint was lost, but rather the impression of a rather large texture. Regrettable that I think that the feeling of Fit will be improved if there are no stitches in the part where the finger slips out.

As the hole opened at the fingertip of the summer Gloves, purchasing this as a result of thinking about replacing.
At first it was resistant to having the fingertips open, but as I was looking for what the smartphone Touch panel can use, "Compatible with smartphone!" It was written that I thought it would be so.
Because the past Gloves used the sticker corresponding to the smartphone, it was good at the beginning, but it gradually became ineffective, the smart operation with the tremendous Gloves turned to Stress It is because it was.
Merit that fingers are open
- Smooth operation is Smooth (Naturally, fingerprint authentication can also be used, so it's pretty Stress-free and useful!)
- Wearing Helmet and wearing it when the face is itchy (You can be caught with fingers when the bangs hang on the eyes)
- You do not have to take Gloves for a bit of detailed work. You can set a smartphone to Holder, Helmet also escape!
Conversely Demerit
- The feeling of resistance to the Gloves whose fingers are open for the first time (I still feel a sense of anxiety disappearing somehow)
- When it comes to long distance Touring, I feel a bit of pain in Switch operation with fingers
- There was also a review of sunburn only at the fingertip, but I tried using it for about a month on commuting, but I was not particularly concerned. (When I remove the wedding ring, I get sunburn, but there is no feeling that only the fingertip is getting sunburned. You can not cheat even if you remove the ring (Lol) )

After that I was worried by what Knuckle 's Protector was and what I did not have, but I got a sense of security, so here was the correct answer. There is also no sense of Paris.. Easy desorption Loop thought that it is necessary, but when I tried using it, I felt it was hard to remove if the fingertip was open as long as it was not opened. There is somewhat uncomfortable feeling in the crotch of the finger, but it did not matter if you get used to it.
After thinking carefully, then I thought of Gloves that had a hole in my fingers ... but it is shabby, is not it?. Even though there is no finger, at this price this performance is satisfactory.

It is a product that makes making desire to continue using it.
This is the best in Summer Touring.
Protector is attached, fabric is stretchable material and I think that it is a product which was very good for price.
I will also purchase the next.

Large satisfaction! Gloves who seems to be glad to be here for the first time !! Large I was excited
At the same time, MDF's TitaniumRim tape was pasted on Wheel
Match with Gloves - - - w
No finger is the first purchase, but it is the strongest in the summer
Because it's a hand-made one that easily injures when you fall
Fingers are always no damages
Because there are also finger ants for winter in the same design
Next I will buy this type of finger ant.

Since it is outside the palm of hands that hands with falls in the first place
I tried buying it for summer
Kakeya is the first impression, satisfaction degree Hanpa
For winter I will buy a finger with this
Robust and easy to move, vibration is hard to be transmitted.

Originally, I liked the combined design of different Material so I used Gloves of all fingers in the same design, but I also bought this half finger Gloves because I felt inconvenience with the operation of the smartphone at Motorcycle.
It's been a month since I started using it, but of course there is no fraying or tearing, sewing and Material are solid, and there is no complaints about Fit feeling.
However, there may also be people say that the Titanium plate part attached to the upper part is concerned about hit by people.
When it comes to mind, the usability becomes worse, so when choosing Size you should choose carefully.
The only regret is that the thumbwheel is attached to the thimble when taking off Gloves, but it is too narrow (Small Feather? I feel a little annoying because detachment is difficult to pull.
If you buy it with an ordinary relaxed size, you may not have such a thing, but because it seems Parenthesis is bad that the fingertip is loose with half fingers Gloves, so I bought it with a pit size Size , Maybe I think so, but ....
However, we are satisfied with Large to Battle Design, so we have 5 stars..

I am also using other HalfGloves, but this item was also taken ~ from now on ~ This time - It became a purchase! - - - It is shared with my son! - - - The usual Size uses XL ~ XXL, this product selects XL ~ a little, Large is the ranking place! Well ~ It is acceptable range! It was thin and light, it was perfect for maneuvering !!! OK as a seasonal object !!!