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Since Piston is fixed with GizaGiza, Wound is attached, but it can work efficiently.
Screw for fixing is not reliable, but there is no problem using it.
If possible, do not use this, either Lever or Compressor, so I'd like to get Piston.

PCX (JF56) I used it for Front pad replacement.
I wanted to wash Piston's Reverse side, so purchase.
It seems that durability can not be expected in terms of price, but for the time being rarely used
Since there is not, buy with the idea of ??OK if it is cheap.
I do not know because it is not compared with other companies, but I could use it normally.

Brake Caliper Piston I bought it for rubbing work.
It's ReverseTool since for Vehicle for over 20 years ago.
I was able to do the work without problems.
4 Whether the action surface is narrow and the length is not enough for Piston Caliper?
I felt a little uncomfortable.
Is it this Size in order to share it with one-touch 1Piston or opposed 2Piston.
We also care about weight.
If it was lighter, I thought that work would be easy.

There was a wound that you understood immediately.
Do you inspect it with this scratch?
We reported to Wie Big, but we did not exchange it because it was awkward.

I bought it to challenge to the massage of Brake Caliper Piston.
Although a typhoon is approaching, rain does not rain and I am free so I will work on it (Lol)

I check it because I am checking the work content with Net.
Rose cleaning and holding the Brake lever and Piston equal etc etc. It does not come out to.
I was able to easily turn around with the Caliper Piston Desorption Tool.
Because there was also a difference in the power adjustment at the beginning of turning, there probably was also Piston with a firm fixation.
I was able to work Smooth, so I thought it was okay to buy this tool.

It is not as bad as it is, but I have a point of interest.
I put out and rotate Piston to paint Grease, but thought that it would be better if the Tool was a bit thinner.

There is no key image of the key.
Excuse me (; 'Д `)

I inserted it as far as possible and tried using it, but it has bent.
Although it is slightly expensive, it may be better for products that can distinguish thin and thick from different Brands !?

It is like a Pliers pulling out a tooth, because it is plugged into a narrow space between the Caliper, it is never easy to put in force. When pulling out Piston, I think that it is basically the one you use at the end after extruding Piston up to Limit by using Brake lever beforehand. (If Piston is more than one,. Extrude). Although it is a delicate appearance, it also worked properly with Piston which became dirty and difficult to move. However, since the thickness is not so much, it tends to hurt the hand when holding the part of the handfully strongly. Of course it was useful for rubbing soup, of course, if Piston is up to four Caliper, I feel like I can roll a Towel around Pliers's teeth. (There was also a movie actually doing)

When I was working on Pad exchange Others, I did something without using it, but I felt that if there was a special tool, it would be convenient after all.
The texture of the tool itself is as it is, but it is easy to use for the part you use, there is nothing to say if you think that the price is cheap.
It was a handy dish in Caliper's Maintenance.

Although there was also a little cheaper, I thought that it would be cheap and bad ... I made it made by DAYTONA. Cripion is attached to Grip, I think that it is easy to grasp. I cleaned up the Piston Pin of each of the three Motorcycle and used it, but I could use it functionally in any Caliper (If it matches only the diameter)