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Merek Top

Last year from Motorcycle riding in the middle of winter more often, HeatTEC socks were used,
It is not very warm, so the hole will be available soon so purchase this product in various colors.
The fabric is slightly thicker and the feeling of Fit is good (Size of foot 26 cm) , Since the portion to which force is applied is reinforced,
Durable and hard to tear. Wearing it is warm and warm, combined with Tough gear of GAERNE, with the temperature around 5 ° C
It ran for 2 hours at high speed, general road, but did not feel any cold at all. Since your feet will cool even in your usual workplace,
I love you. The price is slightly higher, but I think that COSPA is not bad as it is strong. Long Type up to the knee is also
Purchase plan. I think Long Type is better for those who cool down not only the toes but also the shin.
I would like other color variations if possible.

It is crying in the cold of the limbs anyway this season. Until now, no matter how cold and cold it is, other than snowfall and freezing, I came on Motorcycle to freeze my limbs. However, I could not endure this year at last, I tried purchasing Photoelectron Long socks with Net. And as compared with other products, I checked how much difference there is, I felt that this item is warmth. Of course, there is no scientific basis but it is an impression by my personal experiment result to the last. So, if you break it, I think you will ask for this item again.

Because of coldness, Riding in winter cold abnormally in the toes, buying this product this year is unbearable. Warmth, thickness etc. with AK - 047, 078 only for toes before purchase. Please contact Manufacturer for the difference of this product.
At the same time when using Socks together Socks When asked Manufacturer whether this product or Socks this product is effective, first choice L Size for reply with Socks. (Riding shoes's Size is 26. 5)
Running with the product on the hand of mont-bellMerino woolExpeditionSocksM Size, I found cold toes despite Socks for mountaineering in the winterful season. Is it even more tightening and blood circulation worsened or cold?.
I was not able to wear this product directly, and I tried wearing Socks on it, the tightening was alleviated and even the coldness did not feel any more. I was able to run without problem with Touring for a total of 8 hours including Expressway on New Year's Day.
I have not tried using Single Body.
SocksSingle Body for mountaineering is somewhat relieved coldness so it is effective to wear this product.
As other people say, Size Recommendation to purchase Large texture as a point of purchase. Of course, Shoes and Boots are pretty assuming that it is Large as it is.

height : 168 cm feet Size : 25. 5cm is. We purchased two pairs of Navy and Gray, each for a total of 4 pairs.
It does not go up to the knees as in your impulse, it is full of the middle from the knee.
I think that comfort is not good for people who have Protector on their knees.
When purchasing next, I thought that it was a normal Long.
Dough is durable, thick and durable. Tightening is also strong.
All seasons OK, I mean, it is good for steaming measures in winter.
The moment I take off my shoes, the steam will disappear ~.
I think that it would be nice if there was Black for color.

Because it is a Type to be hooked on the heel, it is cold at the malleoli while riding in Motorcycle - It's no longer cold air coming in from the feet. Just under ordinary jeans, it will be easier to move and comfort than Over Pants (However, Over Pants is better in cold weather)

Purchase to block cold wind when riding Motorcycle. S Size was perfect. If you wear various underneath, I recommend 1 Size Large texture.

Design is fine, but it is a stretchable material so there is a feeling of Fit. However, the core's low-temperature performance is low. Since the back side is LePera, I felt it was unbearable because my back was cold since I started running early in the winter. Why did not you make your back like the chest side? I was disappointed just because the expected value went through Large.

Personally I was satisfied with Cospa
I bought it for commuting, but I did not feel the coldness of the wind even in the early morning about 3 degrees
I do not use it for Touring, but if you make it in time, I'm satisfied with Large