Celana Motor (Denim / Jeans)

Merek Top

Windbreak performance is excellent.
- In the middle of winter, I would like to add one piece underneath but I hardly feel the coldness.
- Although it can not be used even in the summer, it may be awful if you get caught waiting for a signal in town.

Protector knees and waist.
- Knee puts in sewn bag, Type changed from original Soft Type to Hard, various choices are likely to be wide.
- The waist is stuck together with Magic tape. Here is a little choice. If you only buy Magic tape and arrive at the appropriate Protector you can use it for a while.

Appearance is normal.
- When viewed 100% subjectively, ordinary clothes. I think Protector is inconspicuous. It is confirmed by the instructor of the school whether the appearance is normal or touching the Protector in the knee or not perhaps it is not subjective but it seems to be for Motorcycle.

Large body I feel like this is a price range.
- As far as Jeans is concerned, items in line with Motorcycle Supplies Store are similar except for some Brand and GORE-TEX items.

Is there durability or not?.
- As I ride for the first time on a ride, I have patronized it, so there is no comparison target, but I got a Knee grip of about 20,000 km (7,000 km. About 14,000 km in forward tilting) or thinly as the knee part looks. In the state like this I do not feel the wind or so far.
- If it falls down, a hole usually opens

I bought it for birthday Present.
He himself says, "I am not used to Low rise so I am concerned about the shallow rise. Fluorescent color of lining : Yellow doubts the aesthetic Sense. 5 ° C or more and less than 10 ° C at high speed Cruising (Mega sportsMachine) Then it was cold. ".

Thanks to Mr. Thailand for taking care of me, but the correspondence at that time is complaint.

Until now I used Ring Pants of Nylon fabric, but because I wanted Leather pants KUSHITANI's EX - 1217R (Old black) I bought.

I purchased 29Inch stuff with height 165cm, weight 56kg, Waist 75cm and matching it with the local KUSHITANI dealer.
Since the hemming is adjusted in a condition that straddles the Motorcycle, it is a little longer when getting out of Motorcycle, but if it straddles Motorcycle, it was not too long and it was not too short Exactly Length.
It looks like the others are also reviewing but it is not exactly a leather feeling that I did sharpness but it is the best favorite that I mistake as Jeans unless told. The color is Old black but I think that it is easier to understand the navy blue color.
As it is Leather pants, it is natural, but Leather became a slip prevention, so even if you do not have a tank pad in my Motorcycle, the Hold property of the car body has improved dramatically. As for the windproof property too, the temperature was low and the wind was fairly strong even though it did not feel like cold, so I am looking forward to the coming season.

Initial investment is high, but I think that it is never a high shopping considering that it can be used for a long time and Cleaning and repair is also done by Manufacturer. Once there are people who are in doubt, I recommend you try on the store once.

In order to obtain performance, it is better to choose a ProtirmType that is more Firmly.
However, I think that the defense performance made for the Casual Denim and for Rider looks good is a good Balance.

While riding, there is no problem, but during walking it is comfortable enough to worry about Protector of the knee.
Protector With a soft Sponge board of about 5 mm on the inside, you can eliminate the interference with the knees, but it may be hot in the summer.
There is Inner like removable thin Vinyl so it seems to be able to cope even in the cold season of autumn.

I am 165cm, 59kg. I bought size 30. The waist is a bit larger than me but i like it. A belt settles the issue. However the thigh and lower knee area was too big. I looked like I was wearing a clown pants hahah. Altering it solves the problem. Great pants for a budget safety with kevlar and hard EN level 1 knee pad

I ordered for my wife just 3 days ago in Korea. And I got it now. Very good quality and speedy delivery. Especially color is great.

It is medium-sized 170 cm.
Size selected L.

There are considerable thickness of the fabric compared to DIESEL and EDWIN which are usually used.

Ordinary Denim has almost no Stretch, even if there is, the fabric is diluted.

While this product has Stretch, the fabric is thick and the Guard is around the buttocks, so it was quite Tight as the impression I tried.

Although bending and stretching, getting on and off of Motorcycle was easy, it was my body type to charge the knee Protector and it was impossible with L Size.

In summer, there is almost no coolness while driving and stopping.
* Level which does not feel the wind from Mesh part.

Hemming up is a shop asking for the hemming of the neighbor's regular casual wear, and responded normally.

It's cooler than I expected.
Although I did not feel the wind much while driving, it was a bit okay if I compare it with Denim of the same thickness.

Perhaps it would be cooler to purchase regular Riding mesh Pants.
Recommended for people walking around the city descending from Motorcycle in the city ride Main.