Celana Motor (Musim Gugur/ Dingin)

In winter, I love Panther dough leather Pants, but it was quite cold air coming in from the Nylon part on the front of the thigh. Design is my favorite leather pants, so I want to ride Motorcycle even in midwinter with this leather pants!. Inner to UniqloHeatTEC, Middle, wear this Inner Pants. Wind Stopper 's windproof and Thinsulate' s dead air securing ensures that the lower body can run normally without being frozen even at an outside temperature of 0 ° C or even 80 km / h. Since the inner cotton is thin, there is no feeling of Mokomoko when wearing. However, since there is no front opening, it is inconvenient when adding supplements. Height of 173 cm, weight 54 kg, it is a feeling that M Size is just a little tight?.
Originally for the company's OuterPants, I am concerned that ButtonHook for Joint is around a lot around the waist. It is expensive, but it is a recommendation if you want to further improve the cold weather of your favorite winter outer pants.

160cm, 50kg man is a little big, but it does not hurt to wear. It is a favorite pants and looks warm. It has plenty of pockets and it is useful and sealed to prevent wind from entering at all. It is a great product.

Until now I was riding with Goldwin 's direct wearing Pants and thick Tights, but it is still cold, so I wanted a warmer Inner, so I bought this item. Outer is the above mentioned Pants, I wear this Inner instead of Tights and I got on the environment at 6 to 9 degrees Celsius temperature for about 50 minutes, but GORE - Wind Stopper and Thinsulate - Platinum Synergistic effect of cotton, I did not feel cold at all. Although it is not a cheap commodity at all, because the cold weather resistance is perfect, it is recommended for those who warmth the highest priority anyway. Because we pursued Inner thoroughly and Simple, Waist adjustment is made with Rubber Only, Pocket does not have a front opening either, but personally, I think that it was convenient for those who had a front opening as before , Draw cordetc. With Adjust function I think whether Waist can be adjusted and used for a long time even if the Rubber grows. Also, even when you do not ride in Motorcycle, it seems that you can play an active part as a winter room wear, so the idea of ??original purpose Plus alpha (Attaching only one Fastener pocket, etc.) If there is, I think that it will be a more affordable product. Various Questetc. Although I mentioned up to you, I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to consider purchasing.

As expected it was WinterPants, under Jersey I was wearing but it is not cold even at Minus 3 degrees.
The fabric is also thick, windbreaking performance is perfect, heat resistance per ankle and Zipper function are available and also in the off-road boots
You can also Out. When knees Pad and waist Pad dodge with a snow street there are possibilities and equipment.
Ruggedness and thickness of the fabric, Padetc. It becomes a heavy Pants as Demerit, but there is a windbust heat retention enough to exceed it.
It was a bit lighter ★ It was five.

170cm / Select L Size at 56 kg. It is Clear by adjustment although the hem is a bit long and the waist circumference is too much.

?quality - Texture
Sewing is beautiful and the making itself is solid as well. Zipper opening and closing is also Smooth.
The weight belongs to the common Level as Winter Pants which also includes Protector.
Elasticity such as waist circumference combining different materials does not get in the way of Riding.

If there is only one caveat, the Dot handle part of the knee to shin is felt brighter than it looks in the image. I was wondering if it is a color closer to Black, but it is more prominent than honestly assumed. I wonder if liking is divided around here.

? Antarctic performance
Direct wear is selling. Although it is inferior to Over Pants for drift, I do not feel cold at the moment (Test on the day when the north wind is strong with an outside air temperature of 4 degrees). HeatTECetc. It might be more comfortable if you wear Inner.
As the waist was made to deeply fit the body, I tried it with JK - 579 IFU Jacket and there was almost no blowing in. Even if the temperature drops to near 0 degrees, it is probably Large durable. I think that it is a passing point as winter equipment.

About functionality
"Oh!" There is no function to become like, Velcro for adjustment of the knee, Reflector that is likely to be sturdier, Reinforcement Material of the waist and the back of the knee as described above, making it reaching the itchy place firmly. However, position adjustment of Knee Pad is a little difficult to do (It is okay so it will not change so once you do it).

About wearing feeling
I was not soft enough to be honest. There is a little stiff feeling.
Slim is also Slim as a winter riding pants to the last, it may be disappointing to see Silhouette like Pants usually wearing.
Personally I'm happy just being liberated and frantic, just being released from the troublesome overwear. It feels good on the inside and it seems to deteriorate. EVAPad and CEProtector with a sense of security at the moment.
The above stiff feeling is also Refreshing at all compared with Over Pants.

? Cospa
I can not afford any more complaints about this. In this Specifications this price is probably a bargain price.

It is such a place.

It is convenient because it is a Type that can be easily detached with Magic tape.
It is also familiar to clothing because it does not look like Protector anything.
Protective part is Urethane pad and removable Plastic pad.
I tried running with it but it has a windproof effect and my legs do not get cold.
It is a good item for a little touring in the cold season.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
SIDEOpening's Over Pants.
【How was it actually used?】
We are going to use Motorcycle in the future, but from the top of Slacks
Wear, feel the warmth.
Because SIDEOpening ease of wearing outclassing.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me your weight etc】
Purchase Size is L
Height 170 cm Weight 67 Kg Waist 82 cm Hip 94 cm Inseam 76 cm
The feeling that I wore from the top of the slack is as shown in the picture. It is too tight and too loose
It is exactly good. Even if I bend my knee it does not seem to rise mostly.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
There is none.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
There is none.
【Have you compared items?】
KUSHITANI's Side Full Open Over Pants K-2648
Select what is not high Waist in price and design.
Large I plan to use it for a long time.

I wanted to purchase a pair of quality pants and these fit the bill. Size is good I'm 182cm and thin, leg length is good, waist has a lot of adjustment I wear them over jeans or thermals and the shoulder straps are a bonus.Vent zippers are stiff but a bit of silicon should fix that. Armour is there but not to bulky so is comfortable on the bike. Recommended