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Fit perfectly on rear shocks frame bolts, good support for exhaust, but the chrome paint suddenly breaks when installing on the bolt, its like tearing apart and loose all chrome color, note : i installed it with precautions and special tools but the chrome paint breaks. Overall this is good supporting product for exhaust mounting but less paint quality, so inchoose not to use it on my bike

This is a solid piece of bracket. It is thick and feels very durable. The paint and its surface is very smooth. I bought to install as an extender for my hand guards. Have ridden over 5000 km so far and no problems. It is still solid and never shakes or bends. Highly recommend.

It is considerably lightweight by parts Single Body! And thin, too. Just installed, durability, strength is unconfirmed. It may be cracked soon as it is really thin and light.

There is an Instruction Manual but there is no need to install it!.
The point to note is that the FrameGrip? Of the with Center Stand disappears and the Adjuster of the Rear suspension using the OHLINS will not be attached as described in the purchase explanation. Of course, one who is Tandem is impossible!

I used it for the Silencer connection of the year type which changed fixed method.
Just tighten the band after setting the position of the hook.

Band Ju Billy Clip does not protrude inside Screw part Spec. In Steel,
The inside is flat so the fixing power is enough. For long-term use, rust may be generated.

When buying WR'S Full Exhaust System, WR 's blog posted this Exhaust Bracket for for Race, and commercialization was undecided. But when I turn on the Full Exhaust System I would like to take Tandem Footpeg and make it clearer and the other Manufacturer's do not know whether the position of the Plate type dashi Silencer matches - - -.
If you are suffering with, finally purchase from WR'S by saying that it is on sale.
As expected, the Full Exhaust System of the same Manufacturer was equipped with a batch.
Thanks to Rear around you. Left Side's Tandem Footpeg also contributes to weight saving.
Cleaning Rear Fender (Blowing up) And, it is surprisingly convenient to wipe the Spring of Rear suspension.

As one drawback, OEM footpeg and Exhaust pipe will definitely hit.
Up to now, there was a gap of about 1, 2 mm, but I got hit if I turned on this Exhaust Bracket. Although it may be individual differences, it seems necessary to put in early what we were planning to make Rear Sets.
Although I can run, I feel occasionally feeling touch to footpeg.

Other than that it is a satisfying item.
Welding is also beautiful.

First of all, since Tandem does not do it, we purchased it in order to reduce the weight of the car body.
Designetc. There is no complaint, but the price is a problem.

I bought and exchanged the same KIJIMA made Exhaust Band 3 years ago as the Exhaust Bracket was damaged in the 17th year of wearing BEET NASAIT, but it was damaged again in 3 years later this time. Since BandBracket of φ130 is only made by KIJIMA, it purchased the same product. However, since the same result will be obtained with the same installation, as shown in the photograph, clamping of BandBracket is caught by Spacer so that it will not be impossible. Adjust Clearance and adjust vibration and tighten so that Gold genus fatigue does not occur in Tension I installed it.

Although it was Repeater, it used to be a One Size Large Band that can easily be tied up easily this time although it was previously attached with a normal Size Band.
Depending on the outer diameter of the Exhaust pipe, it may be difficult to install, but if you install the Bolt to the Frame and make it Offset, you can install it without any burden on each part.
If you do not install it surely the Bracket of Slip-on Silencer will break.
Especially when traveling on highway it is caution.