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It equipped with the alloy wheels of the gale speed which was interested from the [Webike monitor] or before.
The weight saving was merit with big the width of tire selection also spreading with tube-reply-izing, and also of course, becoming easy to carry out correspondence at the time of a puncture.
繝ス a run of a season is [ 繝ス ] pleasure now (ツエ繝シ`) NO

It is 2 times Sakka's purchase in next time.
The bottom load of a spring decreased and it became a quite light handling & corner ring.
A color chooses a bronze and also matches the car body of an orange.

It can feel very well after exchange.

The feeling at the time of leaning a motorcycle changes clearly compared with normal.
If it says bad, it will become [ that it will be easy to put it to sleep if it says well ] that it is likely to fall.
The balance of a center of gravity is out of order, or it becomes remarkable especially at the time of gasoline full.
Probably, it has simultaneously full exhaust and the influence which is carrying out the weight saving.
Although it will probably be certain that spring Ryo Shimoju's weight saving is an effective means, if suspension setting etc. are not adjusted, it is hard coming to ride conversely.
Management merely became easy by leaps and bounds.

Although this type was used for some time, since it failed to get off the ground and the crack was attached, it did not waver this time also, either but decided on Gayle.

After installation, the car body feels very light, I think that the Foot work improved. Replace
Although it was steel, it was rust, but this time, because it is Aluminum, maybe Large durable
I think.

About 1 year use (7000km) It's Impression.
There is a choice of Gail, OZ, Marchesini or DYMAG, but in my case I gailed without hesitation depending on my experience from the past. Among the gails, I made it to TYPE-S because I imagined that it is hard to see it and that thin and many radial Spoke are going to fit DAEG.

a) Turnability and maneuverability : Weight saving (Reduction of gyroscope) , Bankins became natural, even with DAEG even better light turnability was further improved. There is experience in the fact that the lightweight oversized wheel of a certain company magnesium has become a sacrifice remarkably straight forward stability and becomes useless on the general road. Although it may be bad compatibility with the vehicle, it is wound around the whirlpool of the wind emitted by the truck on the highway and it is enough to change the lane without permission. We responded by wearing heavy tires, but this is totally overwhelming. However, this gail is compatible with a good balance of turning property and straight running stability. Reduction of the inertial mass of the wheel is also effective for control of acceleration and deceleration and braking. In addition, since the movement of the suspension improves, it benefits from various stuttiations with the synergistic effect with the performance of the suspension of front and rear Orleans.
b) Processing accuracy : Wheel I think that there are Rose trees depending on individuals, but the axis of rotation seems to come out with high precision. It was said that it is a Wheel that turns very nicely from the Mechanic side when exchanging Tire.
c) Style and texture : The 15 spoke of Radial T-section of TYPE-S matches well with DAEG and the texture of appearance built by cutting is superb. There is a feeling of luxury over the price. Although the painting has been finished neatly, when looking at it, there were lots of kebabots by the inclusion of small foreign substances at some places in the Spoke Department. Personally I do not mind Level, but Japan's quality is not good. It is a part I would like you to thoroughly perform dust control in the painting process.
d) Durability : The appearance also has a Coating effect, keeping a brand-new state at the present moment when 1 year has passed, no deterioration. There are no signs that functional parts are likely to be a problem as well. Rear sprocket has selected Aluminum from the past. At present, although the Anodized layer is partially worn out, replacement is likely to be considerably ahead.
e) Maintainability : Rear's Rim width is only 0. 5-inches (One Side about 6 mm) Just increasing, it became difficult to detach Rear wheel. Because the Bracket of the Chain case being welded to the Normal swing arm interferes. In my case I do not have a chain case, so I solved this bracket by cutting it. Also, although it was heavy, it was a Normal wheel that could not be detached without the assistance of a bride's assistant, but I was able to work alone.

It is the best Japanese Wheel as price, performance, accuracy, texture, Style, After Service Total.

The accuracy is the worst.. Since the hub does not become the center of Wheel, turning Wheel up and down about 1 cm.
In addition, Rim is also.
Try running and 80 km / Vibration comes out from about h.

I replaced it with GCraft.