Belanja Berdasarkan Model

It does not come to the delivery date displayed at the time of ordering and will change display during order confirmation or what does it mean?

From my body shape M Size is correct in Jersey's Size table, but Mersize is slightly tight when Mr. Soare's type of Protector and Elbow Protector are attached inside Jersey ... So I tried purchasing L Size this time I tried.
Although I feel a long sleeve, I also moved and suddenly! I was satisfied with my own shopping!

I have not fallen as yet, so I did not tear Large, but once I wash it in a washing machine, several parts of my belly and back broke away.
Rib of the wrist also got damaged by one choice..
It seems that it is necessary to put it in the Net by fashionable wearing.

Ventilation during riding and ease of movement can be comfortably used without problems.

I thought that Size would be ok if you purchased Waist's casual wear. It can be tightly made for the price. However, regrettable weakness of Jersey fabric which I bought with this and Set. Pants has no problem at all.

It's a bit flashy, but that's good!

MotocrossJersey using KTM's ImageColor's Black and Orange

I like to recommend Orange.
However, that's not the only good thing.

Manufacturer's PowerWear who is good at Off-road vehicles
There is no answer.

Mesh such as easy-to-move cuffs and elbows and functionality, of course Psycho ー.

It is hard to understand in the picture, but the sleeve of Right is Gradation.

The shoulder is Orange, but it will become Red as you go to the sleeve.
Very natural Gradation! I did not notice until I got it, but I think I can Appeal more here.

It's a little bit more expensive than a star so it's a star mark.
However, satisfaction is a product.

I think that Design and Coloring are good.
Breathability is also good Spring ~ Oriental Fall Touring Orientation.
Because rash in sunburn is terrible, long sleeves with good breathability are essential, so it is very helpful.
The difficulty is that when the outer material is Polyester of Print Pattern, when the lining is hung white, white fibers come out and stand out. Also, do you mean that it is easy to carry out?
Off-roadJersey is the first time, is not it something like this?
Well Design is also cool, so I got them to be three satisfied stars.

Until now I used another Manufacturer, but I was unable to stand the heat and took off when I took a break, this shows that the wind hits while driving, I do not have any heat, Yellow I decided it looking for Wear of color Main, but I liked Design, I felt comfortable, I am solid, Summer became much more comfortable.

Originally I think that Jersey is a consumable item, I am doing well for the price, because Size is also Waist 90, I made it to XL, I feel a little bit disgusting I will not.